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Day 265: Diamonds - Why are They Forever, Really?

Valentine's Day. Love.
Love and Diamonds.
Diamonds are Forever -then my love is too-, Diamonds are precious -then my love is too-, if He Really loved you, he would buy you a diamond to show You.

Unfortunately due to our ability to be brainwashed, we bought into the Bling Bling Illusion as something to desire, and through our desires, feelings and emotions we were the ones that gave Value to something inherently worthless.
Millions are spent yearly to keep up the illusion, we bought into a fabricated story that targeted our fears and weaknesses, creating a 'belief system' of value around Diamonds that gave birth to much, much Abuse.

They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment. Yet diamonds have led to gruesome murders, as well as widespread rapes and amputations. 

There is crippling poverty at the bottom of the industry, where, according to Global Witness, a British organization that has done extensive research on blood diamonds, about one million Africans earn pennies a day in the backbreaking and increasingly fruitless search for alluvial stones.
Flying low over Koidu in a twin-propeller plane shows how daunting that task is. 
Hundreds of men can be seen bent low in the rivers around Koidu. "They are working in absolutely horrific conditions in the hopes of striking it rich, but the majority never do," says Susie Sanders, a Global Witness researcher.

Diamonds have become the contended price for which many have died, no one talks about it anymore, like many of the problems of our time, they get seized by Hollywood, turned into a movie to show we are NOT kept in the dark, then a pretend solution comes forth, such as establishing a commission to make sure there are no Blood Diamonds in "the legit Diamonds industry', and we can go back to business as usual, light hearted, again.
We don't want to imagine diamonds covered in blood, that would take away some of their lure and shine, yet the abuses made in the name of a stone marketed for vanity and in support of self created 'emotions and feelings' are possibly second only to what we have done to each other trough an Imaginary Monetary System as a way to not allow everyone access to Vital Resources, condemning some to lives that are horrific just so we can have the lives 'of our dreams'.

It did not pay well to bring Imagination into the physical world, we can look around at what has manifested out of our Imagination, obviously we never used it to Imagine a world that worked for All, we couldn't, our Imagination has been hijacked by market forces and is filled with 'things' that we believe we must have and that will finally give us the Value we have separated ourselves from, the Value we seek to prove that we have more Value than another.
In the ultimate twist of manipulation, we linked diamonds with Love, check out the De Beers ads to see it everywhere, if you Really Love someone, you give them a diamond, a diamond is forever. And not a 'girl's best friend'. It is our emotions and feelings that are the Diamond Cartel's Best Friend.

The diamond invention is far more than a monopoly for fixing diamond prices; it is a mechanism for converting tiny crystals of carbon into universally recognized tokens of wealth, power, and romance. To achieve this goal, De Beers had to control demand as well as supply. 
Both women and men had to be made to perceive diamonds not as marketable precious stones but as an inseparable part of courtship and married life. To stabilize the market, De Beers had to endow these stones with a sentiment that would inhibit the public from ever reselling them. 
The illusion had to be created that diamonds were forever -- "forever" in the sense that they should never be resold.

WE created the Value of Diamonds, we are the real owners of the Diamonds cartel and not the ones that just limited themselves to put that spark into our Imagination and fed it until they effectively owned a piece of our Mind, that they can now Mine at will.

Except for those few stones that have been destroyed, every diamond that has been found and cut into a jewel still exists today and is literally in the public's hands. Some hundred million women wear diamonds, while millions of others keep them in safe-deposit boxes or strongboxes as family heirlooms. It is conservatively estimated that the public holds more than 500 million carats of gem diamonds, which is more than fifty times the number of gem diamonds produced by the diamond cartel in any given year. Since the quantity of diamonds needed for engagement rings and other jewelry each year is satisfied by the production from the world's mines, this half-billion-carat supply of diamonds must be prevented from ever being put on the market. 
The moment a significant portion of the public begins selling diamonds from this inventory, the price of diamonds cannot be sustained. 
For the diamond invention to survive, the public must be inhibited from ever parting with its diamonds.

Diamond Cartels know about Human Greed too, the illusion of Diamonds was designed to be sustained from different angles, when 'feelings' failed, there was the idea that Diamonds value rises with time, another hoax.

Selling individual diamonds at a profit, even those held over long periods of time, can be surprisingly difficult. For example, in 1970, the London-based consumer magazine Money Which? decided to test diamonds as a decade long investment. It bought two gem-quality diamonds, weighing approximately one-half carat apiece, from one of London's most reputable diamond dealers, for £400 (then worth about a thousand dollars). For nearly nine years, it kept these two diamonds sealed in an envelope in its vault. During this same period, Great Britain experienced inflation that ran as high as 25 percent a year. For the diamonds to have kept pace with inflation, they would have had to increase in value at least 300 percent, making them worth some £400 pounds by 1978. But when the magazine's editor, Dave Watts,tried to sell the diamonds in 1978, he found that neither jewelry stores nor wholesale dealers in London's Hatton Garden district would pay anywhere near that price for the diamonds. Most of the stores refused to pay any cash for them; the highest bid Watts received was £500, which amounted to a profit of only £100 in over eight years, or less than 3 percent at a compound rate of interest. If the bid were calculated in 1970 pounds, it would amount to only £167. Dave Watts summed up the magazine's experiment by saying, "As an 8-year investment the diamonds that we bought have proved to be very poor." 
The problem was that the buyer, not the seller, determined the price.

This hoax would be discovered fast if everyone really used Diamonds as they would use Shares and Stock, hence the amazing drilling of Diamonds as an 'emotion/feeling' as 'an experience' to have once in a lifetime, something to hold on to FOREVER. Because it is the 'emotional 'link that prevents people from reselling diamonds and flooding the markets, we have been taken on an emotional ride - and diamonds are just one of the things that has been using 'emotions and feelings' to sell a product, but none like diamonds succeeded in creating a bogus market that could be controlled before and AFTER sale.

De Beers's modest move into the investment-diamond business caused a tremor of concern in the trade. De Beers had always strongly opposed retailers selling "investment" diamonds, on the grounds that because customers had no sentimental attachment to such diamonds, they would eventually attempt to resell them and cause sharp price fluctuations.

The new 'idea' of the Diamond Cartel is to separate the mainstream Diamond Production from Blood Diamonds, that is Not Possible, everyone can understand in common sense that until diamonds have a market value -albeit imaginary- people who have nothing but HOPES will kill to get their hands on them.

In 1982, when the article. "Have you ever tried to sell a Diamond' was posted, it was imagined that this market was bound to crash, an illusion can only be kept up for so long.
Maybe it was a well wishing on Humanity, that we may wake up to what our Imaginations and Desires born out of fear and greed are doing to other living beings.

If we did wake up and rushed to sell all the privately owned diamonds of the world, this industry would collapse and the Illusion with its Magic and Bling would be forever destroyed.

This Valentine or at any other celebration, when you covet a diamond to know '$how much$ He  loves you', stop, Breathe, see the blood that has gone into that piece of stone and give up your desire for good and for the men, don't give in to the pressure of an industry that has made it its business to con-vince you that loving a woman is measured in Carats, it's NOT, and as we wake up from the Illusion of Love as the engine of a commodity/consumeristic world on both side of the gender divide, we can Unite for a World where no one has to die so that 'I' can shine brighter and bigger' than my fellow man.

Join a system that will put an end to All Abuses by giving to All a chance to an Equally dignified Life @#EqualMoney

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