Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 273: Scaring Others for "Their Own Good" - Character

A few days ago something happened in which I moved deliberately to 'scare another for their own good'. It was he result of a reaction and as such for sure a Character, for a while I justified myself that I had good reasons to do that because I was doing it 'for their own good when in Fact, when is it ever a good reason to scare someone to make them do something that I have concluded and judged to be for their own good?

During one of our chats, when someone asked, 'what should I tell my mother about death?', the answer was 'tell her to not be afraid of death', in which a quiet backchat went 'why, shouldn't we scare EVERYONE with Death so They Change? - I am scared myself!'. Frightening.

Isn't this what we have done to each other so far, using Death to manipulate the lives of the apparent living ones, using Fear to move and motivate.

I am ashamed of myself.

Obviously being ourselves the product of people who used specific triggers to get us to 'do something' that they deemed to be 'best for us', we cannot but predictably have picked up on the tools they have used.

Where else would we learn how to maneuver this world to our advantage?

The Problem

The problem with this specific trait is that I keep spreading this sickening Fear that has turned the world into what it is today, as the documentary "Human resource - Engineering Humans for the 21st century" states 'The driving force of this world is Not Love, it's FEAR", and I participate in keeping it alive in others, even wishing that we would use it as a group weapon 'scare them to death', fuck, that's sad, we are already doing that, we have to do something else for this world as myself to change.

The Solution

The solution is to go and dig inside myself to see how I have accepted and allowed myself to be programmed to be moved by Fear and in turn to use it a tool against others, because I could and because I could always justify it with the same lines that were given to me "I'm doing this for your own good, DEAR', when in fact I am doing it for my own good, to make sure that people align to either one of my expectation/desire/opinion whatever it is that I want to achieve. So I have to dig out of myself the original microchips and delete them and replace them with a new script that I can walk whenever I find myself faced again with the 'about to scare Youuuuu' program.

The Reward

I can stand as a point that no longer spreads Fear into others for my own personal wants and needs

I can create more compassionate relationships as I would have liked others to have with me

I will be able to not experience shame for what I see and realize that I am doing as I step into this automated behavior

I won't need to come up with improbable excuses and justifications about why, really, I was doing it for their own good, because that is just crap and totally self dishonest

I won't have to experience regret for having done again that thing I do for the 'good of another'

I can change, this trait of myself is not what is best for All and it has no reason to exist or myself exist one and equal to it.

Tomorrow I will follow up with Self Forgiveness walking this Character in detail

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  1. Cool Eleonora -- I'm looking forward to reading your future posts...