Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 264: Chanel No. 5 - Cheaper than Printers Ink

A 3.5ml cartridge of yellow HP ink costs $10.50 through the Good Guys, meaning consumers will pay $3/ml - or $3000 per litre.
That's one-third more than Chanel No.5 perfume. A 100ml bottle of Chanel No.5 costs $224.77 from online retailer The Iconic. That's $2.25/ml or $2250 per litre. (price in AU$)

Today I bought my 7th ink cartridge since I bought my printer 1 years ago, I bought 4 original cartridges  from HP, and paid for the 4 almost 80 euro, adding now the 3 I have bought non original, I have reached the price of the printer.
From now on, the ink cartridges costs will be surpass the cost of my printer and turn into mostly all profit for the printer manufacturers.
A few years ago my ex husband who was a computer expert, used to rant about this cartridge problem, at the time I was lost on love and light and good feeling thoughts, which did not include reality or the cost of cartridges, hence I always looked at him with contempt, seeing that he was always trying to spoil a good moment, bringing up imaginary problems like 'cartridges' whenever we went to buy a printer, insisting that it was important to check how much they cost and how much they would last because companies had shifted their product costs onto cartridges.
Finally that 'cartridge penny' dropped.
My printer is quite sophisticated, it has a scanner included, can make copies and can handle many different functions through the computer, can print photos too.
Paying 100 euro for such a printer seemed like a good bargain and this is how we are kept enslaved into this system, we allow ourselves to be fooled into price 'savings' and 'bargains, into the 'value for money' offers, and we keep missing the small print that says we'll be hooked for life and will end up paying something worth maybe 200 euro, 500 to 600 euro during its lifetime.

As we enslaved each other through an imaginary monetary system,  we show to each other enslavement in every possible form, now is Corporation enslavement, but this was never the beginning point, we began this world and this creation on a faulty starting point and everything manifested as a consequential outflow of who we were, enslaved to seeking more, more , more, until we created a monster enslaving machine, to reflect back to us that as we seek more, we are in fact Not Enough, as we enslave others we are caught in the enslavement web, until we'll wake up and see that we have a faulty world as a result of our faulty assumption of how it could all work best 'for me' and not best for All and we need to set on a correction course.

Why can't we have an honest relationship  with corporations, why is it that we have to be fooled, tricked, hooked, why is it not possible to in fact sit down and show openly where all  the costs are, how is profit planned to be distributed, how do we come to a specific cost for something, seeing all points, being able to check that everyone along the production line is properly rewarded, that the cost for properly dismantling the units once we no longer need them is accounted in, when nothing is transparent anymore?
How did we come to be the goose that lays the golden eggs for the corporate world without us being active participants in the whole process?
It happened because we didn't care, I know because I didn't care, I never wanted to know the cost involved in anything but just get my hands on whatever it is I needed or wanted, we have grown up into imbeciles consumers and we are treated as such.

Corporations that manufacture consumer goods strive for a slice of the market. Customers demand the cheapest products possible with the highest value, and so, for the manufacturers to make 'our dreams come true' there is only the path of deception, we have to be deceived into believing that we have access to such good bargains that we can't let them pass. We have to buy, consume, to keep this abusive machinery going.
At the same time the corporations have to come up with new ideas, this is because they employ full time engineers to do just that, hence they have to plan the product shelf life into a cycle we called planned obsolescence, nothing can last longer that an 'x' amount of time, 'x' being the value given to the product for the income it will bring in an 'y' amount of time.
This results in 'apparently 'cheap ' products with ridiculously expensive accessories and paraphernalia. 
For example, I got my phone free from my service provider for signing up for 2 years and it came with a free wireless charge cover from Nokia BUT I will have to buy the wireless charger, I need the protection cover for the screen or it will get scratched, so our system at the moment is a hook, after a hook followed by a hook. Or a screw, after a screw, followed by a screw and we are not the ones holding the screwdriver.

The point of creating such a system is to guarantee the survival of the Manufacturing companies in time. Within an Equal Money Capitalism this will never be a problem. Only the best products will be manufactured at their highest 'shelf life' potential, the 'price' of the products will allocate all the costs of the production line to their cost centres which will be visible to all, the system will be transparent and everyone at anytime will be able to see if all the standard we have set, for the ethical running of a corporation, will be in place, this will include profit -which will be equally shared by all company employees-, used resources, waste disposal and the cost to top up the used resources, anything that has contributed to the creation of an object will be transparently accounted for.
Hence the equitable price charged will be able to be worked out by anybody and there won't need to be any props to push sales because there will be no competition to beat as ONLY the best will be manufactured with the highest consideration for the environment and all the points involved.
And everyone will be provided with enough income to face the costs of everything we need, so to no longer be the ones that in fact drive the market into the manufacturing of 'cheap' goods, we will move beyond cheap into sustainable well built goods to last, tricks like ink cartridge more expensive than any other existing liquid, will no longer exist and we'll slowly but surely build a world that will be as trustworthy as we will work to redesign ourselves into.

We will be sure at any moment that everything that is on the market is not the product of slave labour in any way shape or form, that everyone has been honoured for manufacturing something that has been designed and conceived as support for Life by Life.
We will no longer fool each other into 'cheap ' purchases that drag hidden perennial costs that we believe we can't justify to the imbecile audience we have turned buyers into, instead we will create a cooperative environment, where manufacturers will be the molding hands of the supporting tools to make life easier and most effective for all and where the contribution can flow in a circle of life, from suggestions, to designing, to feedback, to, implementation, in a circle that becomes a circle of living being vs the actual circle of abuser and abused of which we have nothing to be proud of.

Educate yourself on an omni-comprehensive solution for our problems, you'll be amazed at the possible World that will unfold in front of your eyes for yourself and every other living being, Equal and One.

Equal Money - for the Outer Change
Desteni - for the Inner Change of each of us to create ourselves into solid bricks that will support the manifestation of Life in the Physical and Heaven on Earth for All. 
Join us.

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