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Day 270: Cheap Goods - Containment/Contentment Tools

Within this system and how it was set up, to create perfect unscrupulous consumers whose only aim and reason to live would be to consume, we overlooked one point.

The point was, that as we squeezed the system from the bottom up, we left people with not enough cash to in fact do what they had been built and programmed to do: Consume.

It is no secret that wages have gone down in terms of buying power, when I was a kid people were able to buy homes, yes with a mortgage, but that did not mean that they were strangled into situations where they would have to choose between "eat or heat" as it is happening lately for example in Britain or choose between which child should receive an education or when one could go for surgery or dental care, there was enough to live and some -not much- to spare.

Now, imagine this, to begin to understand how we have been programmed into desiring experiences that would make us feel good, we have to wake up to the nasty truth that some have for long now understood human nature as programmable and how to programme it, either through fear, a feel bad experience- or a promise of a reward as a feel good experience. Please watch the linked documentaries, Human Resources and PsyWar to shed light on how it all began into the mass scale brainwashing all the way up to where we find ourselves today.

As a consequence of this programming, we could be enticed to 'desire' one experience vs another, hence we created marketing and advertisement to broadcast 'desirable or undesirable' experiences and once the desire existed, exploit the desire for commercial/profit purposes.

This is why when you see a yogurt on TV someone wants you to buy, it's usually in the hands of a half naked lady who is bending down to take it out of the fridge - are you after the yogurt, Hardly, you are after the lady, this is why she is there in the first place, watching the lady will generate a desire for THAT positive experience, so the next time you are in a supermarket having to choose between 100 yogurts, your mind will bring up the link to the 'positive/feel good experience' and you will AUTOMATICALLY choose what you have been programmed to buy. We are never buying products for what they are, we are after the experience that was promised, that is Human's Promised Land.

We exist as the sum of these desires for feel good experiences, every WORD inside of us is now linked to something that carries an energetic value, it's either + or -, and through this word a-maze-ment and Pictures - which are words in a dress- we are remote controlled.

It is not a chance that wars have become 'Freedom Fights', you'll fight for FREEDOM, you would not fight to kill innocent people though, but we do, because we allow our strings to be pulled continuously, consistently through WORDS and PICTURES, there is no Mind Control out there, the Mind Control we are subject to, is an Inside Job.

Now think abut a shrinking economy, imagine that those that designed the system 'forgot' that they could not squeeze the juice out of everyone that was PROGRAMMED to achieve their life goals and a sense of purpose through MONEY into a NO MONEY situation, yet Greed is a nasty beast, as they realized the extent of the successful programming they saw that people would accept ANYTHING if they made them FEAR that something BAD was going to happen to them -you'll lose your house, your job, your family, your children won't be able to have an education, your health will be jeopardized-, and while they kept going,  WE kept complying.

The interesting thing and maybe even overlooked result of this was that we accepted to work for a pittance in inhumane conditions just due to a state of programmed FEAR, that could be amped up or down like the volume on a TV set, we run on the fear of losing everything and not being able to sustain ourselves, our Lives, occasionally the system would offer some breaks -because any SYSTEM would break down when overloaded/overheated- through entertainment, showing the happy lives we could aspire to if we were not such dickheads, always shifting the blame on those that didn't make it -come on- with ALL the opportunities you have been given in this (FUN) FAIR world, what is wrong with YOU?

And as some pushed and we accepted, as some claimed superiority and we stood below in inferiority, as some claimed their rights above others and we gave up our Self responsibility for ourselves and the Whole as One, the money started to flow only in one direction, UPWARD, because some held all the energy in place, while we lost all of ours into ludicrous energy games, up and down, left and right, after divisive causes that The Empire has always promoted, Divide et Impera, from fear to worry, creating directly or participating in creating through acceptances and allowances, a world of Inequality and Misery, we turned ourselves into Cheap Goods, we went on Sale.

Disempowering Humanity could not though correct the consumer machine we had become and our drive(r)s and desire for positive experiences as GOODS to own and buy.

The Cheap goods market therefore came as an outlet, the world was sitting on a time bomb, WE were that time bomb, consumers without buying power, this is why a specific market to feed our drives had to be created, exploiting cheap labor was a need to keep an appearance of stability within our minds as well.
WE are the Cause of slave labor and therefore, inherently, its Solution.

Now we have reached a point of no return, the dis-empowered human that lies at the bottom of these plots on a pile of goods he never even needed, is finding out that there is no room to move, there is no way upward, there is no way downward, we are stuck in limbo Consumer-land, yes, occasionally a few attempts to nurture our ideas of 'fulfillment' are made, one of those was the introduction of Free Goods, small wins on an imaginary lottery tickets where we can hold on to the illusion of having made it, having gotten something for nothing HAHA, look at me, I am sooo clever.

But we are not, we are now jailed in a world where we have turned anything and everything into something to consume, on which we can place a value that is translated in Money and we are so lost down the Illusion Pipeline that we don't see the Biggest Scam that was ever made, we live to build up a Capital of printed vouchers that we call Money to then go on shopping sprees for goods we do not need, not built to last but just to appease the Consumer Monsters we have become. And we call this Life.

What if we woke up to the truth of How Money is not even real, of how we were all born with the same right to Life, with the same right to benefit from what is on the planet, with the same right to a life without FEAR, where Life is the Capital for All to Share and not the Capital Punishment we have inflicted on each other, as a way to give or prevent access to essential Life resources for All, all the way to Death.

There is only One Choice to make, Death or Life, death is everywhere, it's the left over from our crossing into the world, we have run this planet and each other like a Slot machine, Life is not here yet but in a promise within the Breath we all Equally share, Death or Life for All is the choice we are called to make. What's Yours?

Life for All @ Equal Money. Join us.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that we are worth what we own, that our worth is established by what we manage to accumulate, pile up, store away, to prove that we have played the game and were not left behind

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that going shopping is an up-lifting and a positive way to spend time vs the negative ways to spend time that underline that I do not have in fact access to all the resources that are available on the planet, but I am confined by my own beliefs into a limited space of movement within a system that designed from the start where I belonged and how far I could go given the 'numbers' I was born with and for accepting my con-finement as my reality, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that some who own more than others are worth more just because this planet is built and designed to cater to those who have higher numbers as their 'value tag' and that we had to accept things 'the way they are' because the world is unfair and we just have to make do with what we were given as our place within the system and not push for a change that would instead benefit All

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to be imprinted by my grandmother's fairly tale that were designed to show me the inequality and unfairness of this system as 'the way things are' where powerful people abused the poor, were kids were left in orphanages and grew to become chimney sweepers at an age that would be considered 'child labor', were fathers stumped on their children sand castles to show them that 'life is unfair', and for accepting and allowing myself to internalize these stories of fear of the system as something that can exploit me because I am LESS than the system vs seeing myself one and equal to the system, I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that we were the reason for the creation of a Cheap Goods market as an outlet for our imprinted Consumerist Drive that had to find ways to be expressed, because we could implode at anytime due to our own accepted and allowed beliefs that we are what we buy, we are what we can afford, and this drive had to be contained and rewarded to prevent the world from turning upside down

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to identify the problem of a Cheap Goods market as a creation of the Elite to benefit them alone, without seeing, realizing and understanding that without the existence of the middle class accepting to become the new poor, there would not have been a need to create a 'Cheap good markets' and for failing to see our responsibility and consequential outflows of allowing ourselves to be pushed into a situation of having no access to the Vital resource that we have allowed Money to become so that we would then turn around and abuse others in this never ending chain of exploitment,I forgive myself

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fail to see, realize and understand, that this system can only exist through the participation of all its pieces playing their part on whichever side of the polarity equation and that it is the responsibility of those that have an education -however frail- and can hear this message to stand up to no longer participate in self manipulation for consumerism, either through Fear or desire and that to stop our existence as fear and desire we have to walk a process of self correction, to walk out of the patterns we have created, accepted and allowed to stop the existence of ourselves as one of the polarities of this world, whichever that may be

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that this system is too big for me to take on because I stood in separation from it and not One and Equal to it, to bring about the correction of myself as the system for myself and all of existence Equal and One

I commit myself to stand for an Equal Money System, as a system that will address this point of separation, in which we pledge to support each other equally, as Equals, stopping our Mind Control in search for more of ourselves, in fear of not being enough.

I commit myself to breathe myself into a point of stability and unwavering support for an Equal Money System, which is what I would like for myself and have to give to All as mySelf, as Whole, as One, As Life.

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