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Day 268: $$$pirituality - Who is Cashing In?

Some of the things that are going on in the world are not invisible therefore our acceptance of their existence must be deliberate, maybe we want to NOT rock the boat in fear of something happening to us, maybe a lightening bolt could strike us down for our evilness and daring to point out the obvious as the real Motives behind Spirituality, one can never be too careful.

As I said before if you take a self honest look at this Spirit business, you can see all the signs of any religion, it's just a 'system upgrade', the Fear is still there and so are the rewards, it's Consumerism for the Soul, a great idea because for the body we had exhausted all consumerism avenues and why not move onto the Soul, the Soul -apparently - has its needs too and we can cater to it and charge good $$$, with the highest profit margin, mass manufacturing the invisible for those that seek it has no production costs, needs no hiring, no raw materials, no plant to manage, it's just a Money making machine with no headaches or maintenance required. Profit margin, the highest in any field, basically any Entrepreneur's idea of Heaven.

It's easy to see that commercializing the Soul would have to come from those who had embraced Consumerism to a degree that there was nothing else to manufacture stuff for, let's say the US, we had covered the lifestyles, the star signs, the names of birth, the gender, had successfully moved onto kids (watch the documentary Consuming children) and still some had been left out of the Greed game.

Aiming for a new 'original' market share could possibly have been the Flower Children, those that had not realized that they had joined a preplanned predesigned alternative movement for "Freedom of Expression", which was in fact remote controlled in all its aspects to give the illusion of 'a way out', something we have always longed for and never found, so far.

When those characters had to recycle themselves into the system, an avenue was required through which they could hold on to their self Image as 'different' and 'uninterested in wordily possessions', and holier than thou too - because the crack resulting from having to face the MONEY point and how they could NOT in fact live without it, would have been fatal.

So, a whole world of Spirit was born, look at the timeline, from 1964 to the 80s, when the New Age movement impacted the scene.

I was born in 1964 from one Flower Child parent, the other had to do the responsible parenting meaning going to work and making Money to support the family, while my father embraced "I'deals of Unity and Love, interestingly the parent who faced the Money point -my mother- ended up in the role of the one who gave real practical support to me, fed me, paid for my education, travels, my father adversely, the enlightened one, the detached one, the one for whom Money was Not Important, never an issue, as he cruised through Life piggybacking on people with Money or ending up working for friends who had successfully returned to the system, never supported me or my mother, incidentally the last time he spoke to my mother right after I got married, he asked her 1000 euro as a loan, and my mother who knew she would never get it back, said 'I will give you 500'. After that he, predictably, disappeared. 
Some could call this Ascension, he was just no longer available in the 3rd dimension.

My father would have made the perfect Spiritual Guru, he just was not dedicated enough to apply himself and for myself, having both DNAs, I turned out as a mixture of both, making money while seeking the Spirituality that would absolve me from it, because making money in this world is a dirty business, and the more you make, the dirtier it becomes. Unfortunately to get out of this mess we'll have to get all pretty down and dirty to position ourselves effectively to turn around the till in favour of a system that works for all, we have locked the system and the ones who should not participate in the Big Game -out, through a funny concept, Morality, pointing how wrong it is to want Money, seek it, desire it, covet it, all this preached by people who did nothing else but piling up the loot - and- funniest of all, we believed them.

The Gurus of today are just the New Age version of the Church, watch them on You Tube, see how deftly they refrain and avoid the Money talk, but don't be mistaken, they are LOADED, they are in every field of the New Age's Movement - from food, to meditation, to quantum hypothesis and make belief solutions, they will sway people with words they themselves can't explain, most of those talking about Quantum Mechanics haven't got a clue about it, they don't need to, they need to grab out of it the right words and line them up to make US believe that what they say makes sense at all.

One of the last videos I watched was of Wayne Dyer after cancer, a few of them had cancer and all of those described Cancer as what they had to experience to become even more enlightened, to know what others go through, failing to mention all their previous discourses about those with cancers and the reasons for manifesting that specific illness -or maybe believing Their Cancer was special, specially designed and delivered by the Highest forces to make them see something beyond the wealth of knowledge and information they had already accumulated. A gift in short.

To maintain he illusion of credibility they flock in groups, supporting each other's belief system and excuses about why this world is fine the way is, just because it works for them, denying the physical as an illusion in the face of those that are REALLY suffering and lacking, it's just embarrassing what we have elected to do under the label of Spirituality, it's not just a delusional spot in the mind of the preachers, it's a place to rent out, sell out, push to share with others from which we can get Money from, that we call Investment in this wonderful program for Wealth, for your Success, to unlock the secret to manifest all your desires - ending just like my father, crossing the desert in the Middle East with a Jewish friend and a backpack full of grapefruits - just so he would have a story to tell. The reality of a wife with a kid struggling to get to the end of the month to pay the debts he left behind while gambling did not touch him, he was all Love and Light before the Light shone bright in this world, the Money talk was beyond him, 'let them eat cake' if the bread is scarce.

There is One Power in this World, the one we work so hard to deny, that power is Money, there is nothing Spiritual about it, it's visible, tangible and powerful, none of the Spiritual teachers would ever let their Money go for the Gift of Consciousness, the CON is for us and so are the IOUs-ness in an Investment plan with the lowest return ever, we can say only the 1% of the Spiritual teachers make it into the Money game, because it's Elitism, it has just changed from a business suite to a Robe, but the Robbers have not. 
The name of the game is Greed, it was never meant to uplift Humanity or to create Solutions that work for All, because to be a Guru I must stand above and some must stand below, this will end when everyone will take their Equal Stand for themselves and All of Existence, Equal and One.

Stand up for All Life with an Equal Money System, One for Whole and the Whole for One.

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to put my Faith and trust in con artists of the New Age as I sought to join groups that could absolve me from my responsibility for the Whole as Myself on my way to riches

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to lead myself through this world using emotions and feelings as my 'guidance system', going for what 'felt good' and protecting myself from what felt bad, without seeing and realizing that what felt bad was what I was supposed and programmed to not look at so I would not question this system of Abuse and Inequality and utter Injustice

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to admire my father because he was a 'free thinker' unbound by the world possessions unlike my mother who was always thinking about money, instead of seeing and realizing my mother had no other thought than money because she had to support herself and me within this system in which nothing else counts but Money as a result of what we accepted and allowed ourselves to create in separation from each other

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to look up at those spiritual gurus and teachers making them 'more than me' due to their achievement that I joined in pretending were spiritual in nature, when in fact I admired how they made money and got away with the guilt of it, by justifying their every action with a 'higher meaning' and a higher purpose' which was just a cover up for getting the money as a vital resource that should belong equally to all and not just be the domain of some

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to embrace spirituality and the belief that Money is not All as a teaching from people that did nothing else but sell books and produce merchandise to go with it that gave them Money, because I too wanted the Money guilt free and I admired them as leading experts in doing just that and wished to have my own slice of the pie

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to fear pointing out that there is something wrong with Spirituality if it doesn't consider what is best for all, because I feared that someone from my past would turn up and say that I was not against it when it worked for me and for feeling ashamed of who I have been within the teachings of Spirituality as my excuse to have more than others and shut out half of the world so I would not have to feel bad about it, I forgive myself

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