Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 211: Ascension is Cancelled for All - Sorry for the Inconvenience

This world is in dire conditions.

Even if we managed through cunning excuses to unconcern us with the Humans who are struggling and suffering and pushed them on the side of the Equation of Life as 'being responsible for what is coming to them' either as a Consequence of this Life or a Previous One, there is still a whole lot going on that is disheartening and undeniable.

We can see what we have done and do to the planet and to Animals on a daily basis, those things are done by us, the Humans, destruction and pollution didn't just happen, having our seas full of mercury did not just take place naturally, when we issue warning about mercury in the fish, how do we manage to not talk about how did it get there? It takes skills for how we approach some of our huge problems as Icebergs, showing we learned nothing from the Titanic, we insist on looking at the 'visible'  tips of what is going on only, maybe what is submersed and hidden inside of us first, and then reflected out into the world is just too scary to be faced.

I used to work for a Ship Owner over 25 years ago. We discharged chemical byproducts from the Chemical factories in the South of Italy into the sea, It was a Legal practice by Maritime Law, many don't know that there are "Legal Discharge Points' mapped on merchant marine maps specifically for this purpose.

We came up with the great idea to track tides and discharge in the middle of them. The logic was that the tide would disperse all the crap 'somewhere'.

We deliberately overlooked the point that the sea is big but finite, it's a big puddle, it's a closed space, if we did take THAT point into account we could have come to the conclusion that if we put Mercury and Poisons inside it, soon or later they'll be Equally everywhere. And yet when Profit is involved we seem to lose the Ability to apply any Common Sense to see the Consequences of our actions, or maybe we hope we'll be dead by the time the consequences have to be faced, I actually heard this a few times in my life, I possibly even said it 'We/I'll be dead by then'.

We are doing the same with this Ascension idea, the Earth is the poodle, the trash bin of the Universe -apparently- and we believe that we were able to contain the whole shit just here, yes everything is connected but thanks God for gravity, containing all the destruction and pollution in one spot and preventing it from escaping.

Is there any chance that if we are the Cause of the Destruction, that  if we got out of here we wouldn't do the same to another Place/Planet/Dimension? How are we working to stop doing "that thing we do" that is creating the consequences we live? Seems we are doing nothing at all so far.

Is this why we came up with this brilliant idea, the Ascension Project? It's the same as wanting to go to Mars now, we laugh at the idea that we are about to go and destroy somewhere else, it seems Stupid. But Not Ascension, we seem to not see that Ascension is like wanting to go to Mars and leave the Earth behind for someone to clean up, where is the Sanity behind this idea, and why would Insane people be allowed to leave this Earthly Asylum?

Guess Ascension is a NO GO for now, we better engage ourselves in a reality Check, see how we can change what we are doing at an Individual Level to stop the Destruction that is going on, and to clean up our acts we have to start with our Minds, where delusions of separation and of Superiority/Inferiority give birth to other bigger delusions, some as big as the Idea that anyone would be allowed to leave this Planet before we clean up our act and who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become.

So, we have another few days of delusions to go before reality hits us in the Face, because this is the beauty of reality, it ain't going anywhere, just like Us.

We can wait to be hit by it on the face or face Reality by an act of self directive Will, that would prevent the unpleasant awakening into it while expecting to have ascended. That would be hard.

And Prevention is always the Best Solution.

Earth yourself with DesteniIProcess to take your part in addressing what needs to be changed.

We are the cause of all this Misery, 
we can change and change Reality with us to create a World that is Best for All. Join us!

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