Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 207: Drunvalo Melchizedek, Help! I missed the 4th Dimensional Shift!!

"Drunvalo ended the lecture by saying, "It appears right now that the shift will take place, according to how everything is going, around the fall of 1998." Barbara Hand Clow who wrote the Pleadian Agenda thought it will happen byJune 21, 1998..."

Yesterday as I researched Spiritual Information to debunk I stumbled upon an article telling about Drunvalo Melchizedek detailed explanation about the shift about to occur.
Of course having been out of the Spiritual Movement for some time now, I assumed it was this coming shift, the one everyone has been talking about, the shift coming at the end of December 2012, according to the interpretation of Mayan Calendar and the end of Time.

It took me the whole article to understand this was a past prediction, this was "the other shift" we have had -apparently- on June 21, 1998, according to Barbara Hand Clow or in the fall of 1998 according to Drunvalo.
The details were staggering, and bold I should say, this man is fearless in his line of work.
When I was working I would feel anxiety just to promise a customer a delivery by a certain date, what if something went wrong, MAJOR loss of Face, if I could Not deliver my reputation would be ruined, I would be held accountable for what I said that did not take place, so the point was always to 'predict' a delivery with ample space for 'unless something unforeseen happens'.

This is NOT the case for the New Age Gurus, they go to amazing lenghts to detail not only when it will happen, but how, they give lists of events that will certainly take place for which we must prepare.
The point is not really about them, that is the business they are in, they are predictions machine, the point is about us, are we brain damaged ?

Since I was born I have seen a staggering amount of predictions that did NOT take place:

The first I remember were by Jehovah witnesses - an end of the world was expected by 1975 (I discovered many others were predicted before that date) until in 2007, having reached the level of Loss of Face one cannot push any further, it was announced that the end of the World was Unknown, see all the failed prediction dates in this Article


This list is embarassing to say the least, especially if you notice that many dates are very close, meaning one should have remember the previous failed date and wondered if ANY date could be believed at all after the previous one failed. Instead most of those preachers thrived before AND AFTER their failed predictions.


Vibrations/ Frequency Shifts

As the title said, the 4th has already taken place, it must have, people are now talking about the 5th Dimensional shift as if the 4th DID happen. I find this extraordinary as an aproach to Failure, beyond DENIAL, pretend that what you said it would happen, did happen, and blame the ones with lower frequency for not having ralized it, 'you did not see it', this is what I missed out according to Melchizedek

21st June 1998 - Fall 1998
"About five to six hours before the dimensional shift in consciousness, the process (which is usually tied to an axis shift) begins. Axis shifts and shifts in consciousness are usually tied together. In this case, the consciousness shift may happen before or after the axis shift. Usually they are simultaneous, and usually what happens in this period five or six hours before a dimensional shift is a visual phenomenon. This almost for certain will happen as 3rd and 4th dimension begin to interface, and our consciousness begins to move into 4th dimensional consciousness and 3rd dimensional consciousness begins to recede away. When that happens, synthetic manufactured objects which consist of materials which do not occur naturally on the Earth, begin to disappear over a wide gradient, depending what the materials are. They do not disappear all at once." but over a "five or six hour period.
The fact that objects start to disappear really starts to make people who do not understand what is happening go crazy.
There is another phenomenon that will probably happen. As the dimensional interface occurs, 4th dimensional objects may appear in th 3rd dimensional world. They will be objects that will not seem to fit in anywhere with colors that will boggle your mind. These objects will impact your mind in ways you cannot understand. Since gradual movement through the interface is desired, do not touch any of these objects (to touch one would pull you instantly and fully into the 4th dimension) or look at them. They are mesmerizing, and looking at them will pull you more rapidly into the 4th."

Now, since this piece says that we would experience both the disapperance of objects and the apperance of 4th dimensional objects, I wonder if it is in any way possible that I missed that out.
I am sure many of the clothes we wear today are partly sinthetic, even just in the stitches, that would have made for a lot of people having their clothes fall off, bras, home decorations, plastic bags and containers, toothbrushes, toilet brushes, everything that is synthetic, meaning unnatural, such as plastic, would have disappeared, those would be events hard to miss, don't you think?
And the appearence of brightly coloured objects from the 4th dimension, I would like to believe I would have noticed that, it's not your everyday event, yes, I am almost positive I would have.

the article goes on

"If you are calm and centered, you will be able to watch all of this for a time, but not for long. As soon as the magnetic field collapses, your field of view and vision will disappear and you will find yourself in a black void. The 3rd dimensional Earth, for all intents and purposes, will be gone for you. What happens to most people during this time is that they will fall asleep and start dreaming during this period, which lasts about three to four days."

I have checked the date on the calendar, 21st June 1998 , it was a Sunday, I was married to a Gnostic, who would have for sure NOT ascended according to my then judgement of his 'lower vibrational' state, he was very scientifically oriented and he would have been most interested in the apparition of objects from another dimension ..and would have quesioned the origin and try to work out the Hows of it. That did not happen, possibly he was not enlightened enough, but I was, I did not either fall asleep for 3 or 4 days, if I did my ex husband would have told me and if the theory that those less enlightened we leave behind, I should have woken up OUT of my marriage, which did not happen, I was there for a few more years infact, in this 3rd dimension.

Another point from the article

The Other Side

"As the 4th dimensional world comes into perception, light comes back again. You will find yourself in a world the likes of which you have never seen (although you have, but you will not remember it because your memory has been erased so many times before). It will feel like a brand new place. All the colors and shapes and the feel of everything will be new. You will be perceptively just like you were when you came into 3rd dimensional conscious- ness, except that you will be the same size you are now. There are a lot of things that are very similar from world to world - one of them is the idea of the holy trinity (mother-father-child). As you enter into this brand new place, although you won't understand anything, you are going to see two beings standing there - mom and dad; they are going to be very big compared to you. They are going to be about ten to sixteen feet tall. One will be male and one will be female. These beings have a bond with you and will guide and protect you during your early formative period in this world. These beings do not have the kind of attachment to you that parents on Earth might have had. From the very beginning, they know that you are part of the Creator and recognize your divine nature. You will appear just like you are now, though more than likely naked, since any synthetic clothing will not have made it through the shift."
 "They are going to be about ten to sixteen feet tall. One will be male and one will be female. "
Let's assume I have missed out on the disappearing objects and the appearing ones, and on my falling asleep for 3 to 4 days, about NOT having met my mother and father from the 4th Dimension I am positive, beings 10 to 16 feet tall you notice, and you remember as well, it's not like a disappearing toothbrush that you may be left wondering where you put it, so this seals the deal, I have not ascended to the 4th dimension, I was left behind.

But guess what, so was Melchizedek, here is a video from him in 2012 , and since I am NOT in the 4th Dimension, we have to assume he is not either, you have got to give it to him, this guy has balls!!  Unfortunately nothing he says is true, when he went underground for a few years he did so to erase from his followers the memory of his failed propecies and to come up with a Hell of an excuse, I would have, and given the boasting it may have taken him some years to fabricate one that could stand. 
Is he in bad faith? I don't know, he may believe his own lies as far as I know, that doesn't make the predictions any more real. Watch him fail the 2012 one,

The next question is, how are these people getting away with all of this? Why isn't anyone demanding accountability for what they say or why are they not left behind and forgotten, no longer taken seriously?
If I went to my baker everyday and he told me a few times that the bread would be there tomorrow, and it wouldn't be again and again, I would stop believing him and would no longer go to his shop.
When it comes to these guys instead, not only we don't drop them for good, we look for them, to hear the latest news AS IF they held any truth at all.
Why are we so easily duped into believing people who keep predicting things that do not take place in the physical and then justify them due to unforeseeable events that must have taken place?
If that is so, if they can't 'foresee' how can they predict anything? 
Why are we so keen to believe what they say even after they FAIL?
My perspective is that we  are just as responsible, come on, we want to believe the stories they tell, those stories are in fact our own hopes and dreams, the hope that we can vibrate the hell out of here, that we' are just required to stay focused on positivity and Love and that's all there is to it, the hopeful reunion with our real Parents, leaving behind the Pests of relatives and the bad relationships we have on earth. What a Dream!

Hear this, it's NOT going to happen, noone is going anywhere, we are stuck Here, together, until we sort this mess out.

And as far as predictions go, the only ones that have come true so far are Desteni's, pity they are not good, they said the world will become crazier, check, we'll have an increase in diseases and natural disasters at a level never seen before, check,  and that we are on our Way to World War III. That's right, you heard that well. You know why? because a war is required when all else fails to move the economy, and Wars work, there was always "a better time" after a War by comparison to before a War -and for some there was a Great time during the War as well, the ones that profit from it-, yes, because once you destroy everything, there is the need to rebuild, jobs are created and the world population is reduced, all Plus points of the Capitalist demented system.
Can that be changed? Only if we change the rules of the Economis game, that means we change how we handle resources and their distribution and we take the Profit motive out of the Equation

So, do as you please, move now or wait for the December failure, but remember, no one is going anywhere, we Created it, we have to fix it, it's gonna be up to All of us to stand for Change, and since it's a 1+1 process, the sooner you take Your Place of responsibiity within it all, the faster we'll move.

Enlightenment will be when we come back to Earth to take care of the Whole as Self, we come from Separation, we buit this world in separation, hence any idea that some will go and some will stay is just ridicolous per se, you didn't really believe 'thinking loving thoughts' would get you out of here, did you?

We are the Change that is required to be manifested, as we change, the Mirror will change with us as us, let's get on with it.

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  1. awesome debunking here - I can't believe that I used to actually read his books and apply the techniques described within it to 'raise my vibration', and actually believed that I would in fact eventually find myself in a happy, magical, beautiful place, because I am 'so spiritual'. Glad to have pulled my head from my ass, having gotten myself back down to earth where the real shit is hitting the fan. It may not be pretty, but at least it is REAL. Thanx for sharing this Eleonora.


    1. Thanks for your comment Kim. I have had many years of "I'm So Spiritual' going, glad like you to have landed back, Reality is the best place to be to change ourselves and what exists as ourselves in this world.

  2. I second that Kim, and changing the mirror will not happen just magically, we ned to do the labor step by step by step to make the change we want to see 'a dignified life for all' come true.