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Day 210: Ascension 101 - "As Above So Below' - Who said Above is Better?

I have heard this sentence many times in my life "As Above So Below', it is 'common knowledge among all those that have spent time in the Spiritual World.

Writing about the Spiritual World is taking all the Glam out of it, it makes me wonder how I could skip and hop through all the parts that might have resonated with any common sense, to get to what I wanted, 'a feel good' belief about the AfterLife.

I did not like the 'Here' at all, I have memories of being a kid and finding this all existence weird to say the least, no one knew why we were here, what we were supposed to do, bar go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, grow old and die. No matter how the 'adults' tried to sell this reality as something that 'made sense', honestly, it didn't.

Embracing Spirituality was a breeze, as I said in my previous post, I was NOT born in the category of those who had access to everything one may desire and so, like many, one of the available 'choices' I could walk into that would give me the specialness I could not BUY for myself with Money, was Spirituality.

The PLUS of Spirituality were

it had a good name

people who were Spiritual and Poor were considered more than those just Poor

it seemed 'Noble'

it put some of this senseless existence into a workable framework, we were just passing through, the goodies were in the HereAfter, hang in there

And yet at the same time we spoke and shared the 'As Above So Below' theory, why didn't That Point Alone, make me wonder about the soundness of it All?

Well, I did not want to wonder, I came from wondering about the reason for existence, so anything that even meagerly could hold together -with a few pleats here and there,- as an explanation I would jump on it, I would take it and make it mine, "I am just passing through, I can endure 1 life here, I am not a Sissy, oh and byt the way, take notes, I am NOT coming back".

Looking into 'As Above So below' critically, it would have meant what it said, NO?

AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, it's pretty self explanatory.

So, let's consider Ascension, as a movement upward from the Below to the Above critically.

Who says we are not moving into the same ShitHole BUT Bigger?

How did we Imagine that Above were the goodies and below was the Shit and if we did manage to push ourselves to beLieve that, what would then be the qualifiers for the goodies if not accept our limited nature as a consequence of this reality, endure it to then then magically 'escape' from it vibrationally.

And if Below was the shit and Above the Goodies, wouldn't the below make for HELL and the Above for Heaven? Incidentally in Italian the word Hell is 'Inferno', which is rooted in 'INFER' from latin, which means, that stays BELOW. In English it means to 'come to a CON-clusion', such as INFERiority for example. Amazing the revealing coincidences in our language.

Is this familiar somehow? Oh yes right, that's what we believed through Religion, but Religions had too many holes to hold it together, so we dropped the Religious Holes, gave the BeLiefs an overall makeover and kept Heaven as the Above. We imagined it could have worked as long as we didn't become too fussy and digged into it as that would mean remembering we are in Hell and if we are in Hell we must have fallen from Above already, who guarantees we can get back up? What are the requirements to enter Heaven again? Is Heaven even Here and not just another Frequency Band with the same CONTENT? 
Are we HERE supposed to be doing something?

Is it possible that we are asked just to vibrate out of Here, is this a feasible, common sensicle approach to Reality? How many things have you witnessed 'vibrating' out of the Physical? Not One, right?

As a qualifier for Heaven, would it be a plus to have our Akashick Records take note of  the part that we vibrated out of here, leaving everyone behind, including the ones who don't even have access to Ascension information due to not being born in the right place at the right time?

Possibly NOT.

Many 'Teachers' of Ascension and Spirituality are piling up the Money with All these stories, they are Ascending All Right, from the Below as the No Money State they were born into, into the Above as Wealth, that would be the Only Proof of Ascension we have so far.  Which proves by the way that this Movement is anything but Abusive and taking advantage of the existing desire to get away with murder. Literally.

See the many idiosyncrasies within Spirituality, we profess to be ONE, and yet we get ready to leave The One as Self behind and not in fact stay and from our privileged position address what is going on Here, where we as The One seem to be stuck into some Mind delusion that we came to believe to be real, what would be an act of Godly behaviour that would bring Heaven Here for All Living beings?

For my current understanding, that would be taking responsibility for Creation, isn't that what a God/Creator would do, wouldn't the Creator make sure every living being is fine and cared for Equally as Himself/Herself, why do we have the guts to call ourselves Gods and Goddesses when our behaviour is anything but, when we would happily dump the 'less worthy' behind, isn't a Creator always One and Equal to his/her creation?

So when we decide who is not worthy of Life, are we worthy of Life? When we don't give Life to All, can we have Life for ourselves? When we stand in judgement of something that we created so much so that we want to leave the mess behind and move on, are we beyond judgement then?

Investigate this reality, we hold many absurd beliefs and we keep them in place within our desire to NOT become self responsible for the Whole as Self, and yet, the joke is that the power of God as Creator exists only in Self responsibility, as it should, would you like a bunch of psychopaths designing an existence where only some have it good and many suffer and struggle? 
My oh my, we did that already, didn't we, not as Creators but as Mind diseased Creatures whose apparent rights to self interest have taken over existence, and now we live in the Hell we created, stuck here, together, until we sort it out.

Educate yourself on how this world came about, on what are we doing here, get tools for self correction at Desteni, where knowledge is NOT held as a Power Tool against each other, NO, it is shared, so we may come to terms with what we have done and once we get over the shock, move to take our position as the Change we want to see in this World. 
Join us, walk your Journey to Life, it's free, you can start anytime.

Give to All the Life you want for yourself, will you be a Creator or a Slave? You decide.

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