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Day 212: System Skills - Problem Solving vs Prevention. Why?

Having a look at the point of Prevention vs Problem Solving.

When we raised this topic as a Group and I looked at it, the only skill of the two I have seen praised and rewarded in the Business world is Problem Solving, we never mention Prevention.

I wrote a few CVs for myself and read many when I hired people and I never wrote or read 'Problem Prevention' as a skill. That would go with the skill of 'Psychic Readings', it seems preposterous to claim we can prevent Problems, we have this idea that problems come out of the Blue, that they are mostly unpredictable and we just have to learn to manage the damage as in 'damage control', we expect Damage to happen, or we would not be having Theories we teach such as "Damage Control" and Contingency Planning".

One of the reasons why we do not consider Prevention, is because it comes at a Cost. Doing things well, making sure there will be no consequences costs more than doing them half assedly and then 'hoping' we'll have to intervene on just some of them reducing the cost of "Prevention for All" to the cost of "Consequence for just some". There have been business claims in which it was proved than the cost of recalling a faulty item was evaluated toward the cost of a Legal Claim and being the potential Legal Claim lower in Cost, it was decided to not recall the item but to brace for damage if and when it should come.

As a society we talk quite a lot about Prevention, we stop at the talking, one example is the medical Field where in the Western world when we talk prevention and do not discuss nutrition for example we must be just kidding ourselves. How can we prevent cholesterol rising unless we tackle some of the cholesterol forming foods, ah yes, there is the Cholesterol tablet, one of my friend takes one everyday to reduce cholesterol without changes in his diet, this is our interpretation of Prevention, a remote controlled world where we input foreign substances in the body, at a cost, to reduce other substances in the body that we put in at a cost, we just don't like to be told to look at the CAUSE, because if we did, we would have to change something and that is contrary to our comfort zone, we want a pill to change something for us, a syrup, an injection or hypnotherapy, just don't say that ghastly word 'Change' or 'I swear to God I will lose it'.

Chinese medicine which is 'prevention' based tackles nutrition first, many foods will be removed and some added during herbal sub ministration and the patient is checked every 2 days as the body adjust to fine tune the medicine accordingly. We, instead take useless packs of medicine because we have to feed Big Pharma, in developing countries medicines are given out counted, like 8 tablets and not a packet of 24 just for the heck of it and for profit reasons, which then expire and we have put in special bins facing the cost to 'recycle' medicines we didn't need in the first place. Basically we run an insane and abusive Health System. We don't stop there of course.

Long time ago this idea of prevention in China was taken so far as to pay the Doctor all the time only stopping when one got sick until one recovered, because his job as 'preventing sickness' fell short and as such he was no longer entitled to his 'prevention fee'.

Nowadays Chinese medicine has aligned to Capitalism and the profit motive, hence everyone goes to the doctor when symptoms of illnesses are already arising, the same is true for everything else we do, we look at a problem when the problem is already there and in this light, we value and reward the skill of problem solving.

Yet, seeing a problem coming is not impossible, if we keep polluting a river, we can guess that soon or later the water will no longer be drinkable, that the fishes and ecosystem living there will die off, if we pollute the air and we know we do, the fact of sitting down to write 'contingency plans' is not a sign of intelligence, because intelligence would be to STOP polluting the air, to find a solution to alternative non polluting energies that do not impact the atmosphere.

If we create toxic medicines for profit we can foresee that soon a lot of people will be sick, we just don't know how yet, as taking the time to test that out would come at a cost, so we pretend we have run the required tests, bribe everyone on the way to a certificate, like the FDA for example, introduce them on the market and wait for the problem to arise to then look for a solution. Maybe. Or we can choose to deny for another 10 years the relation between the medicine and the consequence and just admit it when the evidence becomes crucifying.

If we create toxic relationships we'll end up losing them or having them turn sour beyond repair, if we indulge in toxic thoughts chasing imaginary emotional experiences, we'll end up with a mind so toxic we won't have anything to do with it. We'll look for ways to project the content of our own Minds onto the world, mimicking the pollution of the planet, or is the planet mimicking our own Internal Pollution? Chicken or Egg?

We seem to be doing everything backward and we reward not those that insist on prevention, we in fact See them as Fools as they stand in the way of an economic system that is apparently thriving for some and must be kept in place no matter at what cost, this is shown clearly when we share about an Equal Money System, which is in fact Real and Absolute prevention of All possible problems, but many/most stand up in opposition because we, those who support it, seem to be the ones not understanding how it works, "we need solutions" they scream, 'NOT Prevention'.

In fact we need to get back to Earth and reconnect to ourselves as the World, so we won't wait for the problems to show up before we can solve them and feel the accomplishment of 'problem solving', we can see the problems coming, we can see that there isn't much room for consequences on this planet, we kinda maxed that up, so now we need a Solution, to prevent further consequences while we seek Solutions to fix what we have done. We need problem Solving now because we have not done Prevention and now we are buried in Consequences that need to be addresses, and NO, we Can Positive Think them away, nor raise the vibration of the Planet and move it into another dimension leaving the Consequences behind, we tried and it has not worked, reality is here to show what is going on.

Check out Equal Money, cast your vote for Prevention to stop the Consequences we are creating for ourselves and the World as a whole. We need a para-dime shift, where Dimes become the servants of Life and not the Masters and where we stand in and self responsibility for who we are and our own thoughts, words and deeds, that is Living Prevention as who we are for ourselves and All of Existence, Equal and One

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