Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 218: Christmas Time, Spreading the Seeds of Evil Brainwashing

(Day 217 walked privately)

When I was a kid I was told that presents were delivered by baby Jesus, yes, the Catholics highjacked Santa for their own brainwashing purposes, creating 'credits' in the Mind of kids so they could TIE them into a belief system of 'rewards' either earthly -Christmas- or in the AfterLife. Imagine that, the Catholics found ways to take on the "credits" of the parents without spending a cent. Hats off?

As kids grow up and try to make sense of the world at large, including the logistic of such a complex system, we fill their heads with lies that don't make any sense. 
If it's hard to believe the story of a fat old man on a sleight making all those deliveries in one night, entering from chimneys in places that never had one, imagine believing an infant taking on the task, who  is NOT technically yet born, according to our nativity sets, as baby Jesus appears in the manger on the night of the 24th according to 'Tradition'.

We fail to see how we grow up to be demented adults with no common sense, because we lost the threads to the origin of our mental cacophonies, if we have to believe that such an amount of deliveries can take place in ONE night with just One Sleight by an Old fat man, anything else that comes after sold to us as Truth it's a piece of cake to take on board.

Like the story of Money, worthless pieces of paper that we accepted and allowed to become more important than Life itself, that nowadays decide if one has access to vital resources or not, that determine the value of LIFE making some Lives more worthy than others but hei, we believed in Santa and a plastic baby Jesus to be in charge of the Consumerism of Christmas night, so what would stop us now from believing anything else, like that the Vatican for example has the interest of the people at heart? 
Just for the record, the Vatican owns 85% of the luxury property market in Rome, they don't pay taxes because Mussolini agreed that if they stopped mingling into the politics of Italy, he would give them their own State, which he did, in the middle of Rome, one step you are in Rome then take a step over an imaginary line and you are inside the Vatican City/State.
Every Christmas when the temperatures go down, the Vatican doesn't keep the Churches open at night or house the homeless in their empty apartments, because those apartments are too luxurious for poor peasants and since their lives are worth less than others due to their less-ness in how much MONEY they own, they can stay outside and freeze to death. 
They will go to Heaven for not having troubled the Vatican and their Temporary Powers, it's a Promise.

Meanwhile huge nativity sets to make sure the story keeps being repeated and imprinted into people's Minds are set up, big enough to house the homeless, but we wouldn't wants Sacred Statues to mingle and be contaminated by Poor Bastards, would we? Right on track with the teachings of Jesus.

Basically, Christmas is the time in which we should all become more 'good', this begs the question if we are good at all if we celebrate 1 day of GOODNESS a year, a day in which apparently becoming good means BUYING something for someone. 

Really, what is it that prevents us from seeing we are being duped and then duping ourselves from birth to death, brainwashed into fear, shame, blame and then into blaming each others so we won't have to feel the shame for how we participate in this world, for how we close our eyes even at Christmas and allow so many to go hungry and homeless while we set up lights and trees in our living rooms to celebrate the birth of a man that said that we should love and take care of one another. 
Anything not right with this pictures, the picture of us eating way more than we need because Christmas is special, buying useless things to celebrate people we dislike just to secure our place within this system and our own survival within it, because inside we know that this world has turned into a dangerous vile place as the consequence of our own abdication of responsibility, our greed and self interest, we just don't have the guts to stand up, and so we get together with billions of others who also don't  and pretend that for one day, one night, we are All really Good and Holy.

Let's Wake up to face the ugliness of this world and stand united in Self responsibility for Life and all living beings for a real overall system change Change and to build a world that works for All. 

Stand for Life, cast your Vote at #EqualMoney

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