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Day 208: Ascension - Only the Spiritual Ones Will Make It.

WHO is a Spiritual Person?
What does 'Spiritual' means?

Spiritual is an adjective, it means of Spirit, then what is "Spirit"

From the Merriam Webster online dictionary - there were many more definitions, I kept the most relevant for a few considerations-

 Spirit - noun 
Definition of SPIRIT
  • an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms
  • a supernatural being or essence: as a capitalized : holy spirit
  • an often malevolent being that is bodiless but can become visible; specifically : ghost
  • a malevolent being that enters and possesses a human being
  • an alcoholic solution of a volatile substance <spirit of camphor>
 The first consideration would be on the first definition:
 an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms 
Interestingly this is the 1st definition in a very long sequence, "animating or vital principle", which could be then considered as 'Life' or what gives Life.
Everyone has Life, we are alive -apparently- until we breathe and we are ALL breathing, even plants and animals, that would make all of us Spiritual, so that can't be it, because apparently SOME are Spiritual but some Are NOT, how do we decide? Let's investigate.

The second definition should not be in the dictionary, supernatural beings seems to be beings Above Natural, we have No Proof of their existence, so this definition should indicate fictional to distinguish it form reality, from what is here, so far Supernatural beings exist only in Fairy Tales books or in books designed to Mold the Minds of Humanity and confine the Human into a Sub-normal state that requires Salvation, such as religious texts, where stories are told about Masters, Prophets, Saints and 'Ascended Masters', who, reportedly, could 'do' more amazing things than human can do, things we called Miracles in some cases and in the case of Saints and Martyrs just things other humans could not do or would not do-, for example Die in the name of a religious Order and Marthyrs -the Italian Women EG- women who said no to forced sex and were killed 'in the name of God' to preserve their "Purity". Yes, we can agree many would no longer die for religion or women die to not be raped, nowadays some are raped and then die but the 2 things are no longer enough for Martyrhood, mainly because many women who are raped do not see God as the closest presence to call out in that moment, plus they may harbor some resentment for not being helped out without a shoutout and a pledge, can't God see everything, isn't he everywhere, so do I have TO ASK TO NOT BE RAPED? Yeap, that one is not working in God's favor so much anymore.

Two definitions in the list for Spirit I found were interesting because they highlighted a 'malevolent-ness' of the principle of 'Spirit', when in my mind, by cultural upbringing, Spirit is always GOOD and Holy, so if Spirit can be Evil, what says Spiritual people are Good?

When I was a Spiritual person -yes I know, it's funny when it's written down-, Spirituality came in Degrees, like Martial Arts belt colours; one of the first thing that pushed me away from Spirituality was the uncanny sensation that it was Religion in Sheep's clothes, because the principles were almost the same BAR the shame and guilt, in short we had upgraded our belief system to leave behind what bothered us about how we lived, interestingly too we did not make the choice to correct 'how we lived' we just built a new Belief System careful to leave out the bothering parts of the previous ones.

We have other examples of coercion of Moral Codes, for example the Army people, let's take the US that profess on the Money Note that in "God they Trust", and God said clearly "thou shall not kill" - and that is OK except if it's your enemy, if you are told, if you feel in danger, scared, threatened, or just in the mood to release some steam etc etc-.

Being Spiritual, was therefore equal to being religious with a liberating twist, let's see the "apparent" differences:


There is One Creator Principle
Old belief: It's God -
New belief - it's the Universe
both believe "for sure it's not Me"

Not everyone is created Equal
Old belief: It's God's will
New Belief: It's their Karma, they are paying for what they have done
Both believe: I am fine with it as long as I am above the Less Equal Ones

Moral Code:
Old belief: People who behave well go to Heaven, the others go to Hell
New belief: People who think positive thoughts Ascend, the others stay in Hell
Both believe in a Reward System and that they are the ones that must be rewarded

What to do for the Less Fortunate
Old belief: Charity to Feed the Poor
New belief: Thinking positive thoughts about Love and Light
Both believe what they do is good enough and is The Solution to World Problems

What to do when I make a mistake:
Old belief: Confess to God and have your sins washed
New belief: Don't focus on the negative, the universe knows your inherent goodness, back to Love and Light
Both believe a mistake doesn't need to be corrected, first case God will see to it, second case forgetaboutit


When Ascension came on the scene, it was easy to see the Heaven principle mirrored in, the twist made it nastier than Heaven, because heaven came in 2 degrees of separation only, Purgatory and Heaven, while Ascension came in a staggering number of 'levels' and/or Dimensions.

This of course was the 'as below so above' principle, in which we translated everything earthly into our groundless fantasies, so on earth we have the school system, with different degrees of achievement up to MBA and PhD (Heaven), we have the sport system with different degrees of achievement all the way to the Olympic Gold (Heaven), we have the Martial arts system up to Black belt (Heaven), the working environment, all the way up to CEO or Managing Director (Heaven), the Army and the Navy with Generals and Admirals (Heaven) and then, hear hear, we have Spirituality.

To achieve all of the above Heavens, you need Money, you can go 'up there' only through an Education that costs a lot of Money, the right Money connection, the right Sports Sponsorships (Money), none of the Earthly Heavens come for FREE, EXCEPT Spirituality with its Heavenly/Dimensional Ascension.
To define oneself as Spiritual you don't need Money, nor a degree that costs Money, everyone can define themselves as Spiritual, it's the chic way to say "I'm Poor.. but I don't care for Earthly Possessions, I am Above them'.

Now we have contaminated Spirituality, yes, because those that were looking for a corner in the world where they could 'Achieve' something without being faced with their perceived Human Failure as Non Wealthy Beings were now pushed on the fringe of the Movement, the new "spiritual Gurus' preached that if You were REALLY Spiritual, you would be able to manifest Money, come on, it just needs you to focus on the Good, on Light and Love, how hard is that, why don't you do your homework, we made it so easy, The Secret is out, The Secret beyond the Secret as Law of Attraction is out, if you can't make it ... you are a Dope. Dope-hood took the fun out of being "Spiritual", now even the Spiritual ones were ostracized and pushed aside for being Poor, you must 'have negative thoughts, be negative' if you are poor, I rather stay with my enlightened (rich) friends, sorry, come back when you made it, bring the Money to prove you realigned with the Good Vortex of the Universe.

So, what is left now, for free- is ONLY Ascension. I can ascend, damn, I belong to the 5th, the 7th, the 22nd, I am not like you all, I never wanted Money (LIAR LIAR) just want to be Spiritual, close to God, I don't care for material possessions (especially since I couldn't for the life of me put my hands on them).
Because they didn't make it on Earth they are hoping for a greater Dimensional Reward, you dream of floating up where nobody ever floated before and look down at those that did make it on Earth because they cared -to make it- and you cared too, but you didn't, and so you are making Ascension your personal vengeance, the place where You'll show others what You Are Really Worth, and they will know they should have helped you more, given more, cared more, because now the table turned and ooops , who is to worship NOW?

This Ascension Dream is just like any other dream, just insubstantial, it's not made of matter but it doesn't matter, we will pursue it and make sure that Ascension stays FREE for All, no, not because we are thinking about the Poor and Starving because they should go first -don't you think-, just because we FEAR if a price is put on Ascension we may not be able to meet it, Imagine ascension becoming like Space Flights, that will fuck with us, we never meant Ascension for All, just Ascension Free for me, look I have done so much positive thinking I have qualified, thought about Love and Light, isn't that Good Enough?? Fuck, I am Soo Loving, can't you see that, you negative shit !!

And then the last definition of Spirit, amusing, a volatile sub-stance -how appropriate- or an alchoolic solution, this too is appropriate, many of my Spiritual friends like their booze, maybe it's that after All: Spiritual = Boozy, cos we must be full of Spirit to believe the crap we come up with!

Investigate Equal Money, there are No Dimensions to go to, there is One Substantial, non Volatile dimension here, Earth, where we all belong, until we don't, what if this Planet existed in Free Choice so we could "choose" Life for All, what if there was never any other choice but this, either Life for me alone or Life for All and as I create I create myself, as I choose, I will live my Choices, Life for All or Not, because I am ALL or I am NOT, there is no Middle way, I am the One That Decides.

Equal Money System =Life for All - Make your "Free Choice" a choice for Life!

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