Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 221: Weapons - Creations of Fear

After the last shooting in America two days ago a few chats on the FB threads were going on.

Basically the usual ones, the division in 2 main groups was clear, one in favour of the right to weapons and one against.

Interestingly the one in favor seemed to be the most 'intelligent', the ones who wanted to show off the list of either their life achievements or their academic records, as PROOF that their point was Reasoned, they had the tool let's say to make such an assesment of reaity and conclude that beyond any reasonable doubt, we DO need weapons.

When I posted that we are all insane and potential psycopaths -I omitted the word 'potential' for clarity-, no one, the ones with many degree or the others objected to this, it was sort of ACCEPTED.

This was the point I found most interesting within the debates that went on, when exposing the Mind, everyone kind of skidded away from it and returned to sender, which was 'the right to weapons', someone went as far as to say 'those are Life saving Tools'. 
Which takes us back to the point of Insanity in a millisecond.

How would things we created to kill each other 'Save Lives', come again?

Can we use them for emergency blood transfusion using the barrel cleaned with Vodka in a MacGiver sort of trick, or to perform heart resuscitation by pressing the gun up and down on the heart region, what do we mean 'it saves Lives'? It means 'Mine'. See the truth of this.

There is really No Excuse for weapon manufacturing, never mind the owning of it, and to those that defend their right to 'hunting as a sport' let's be clear that "hunting' is not a sport, a sport involves one's own physical performance alone, not running after an unarmed animal with a gun. This should not even need mentioning, but it does. Because we are psycopaths.

We hurt, harm and kill each other and other life forms, read the news and see what we have turned ourselves into and all this just to support the existence of ourselves as the Mind, Creation within Creation that we have not yet understood or learnt how to direct, hence as we fear ourselves, we fear each other.

As we watch on the screem of our mind what goes on as if it had nothing to do with us, we can see the Evil rolling, we then go and project it on other, fearing what others would be capable of as we know what we would be capable of if we gave in to our untamed Minds.

Weapons are a Creation of FEAR, we live in a world of FEAR, and instead of addressing what is causing us to Fear ourselves and Each other we built weapons and THEN, to justify our right to own one to defend ourselves, we talk about how we can make weapons out of anything 'look, one can poke you in the eye with a stiletto heel and make you bleed to death' or 'people can make bombs with chewing gum and baking soda -should we ban these too then????- Yes, good point, so we are aware that there is something wrong with us as we see our desires to harm and kill each other, yes? So we lose our right to invoke ignorance as the excuse why, even though we are aware something is going out of control in our minds, we would support weapons manufacturing and ownership.
The fact that 'since the beginning of time' we busied ourselves with this, should not be brought up, it's not in our favor, it just shows we have not changed and that, as we evolved as the Mind in separation from each other, we just learned to apply new skills and technology to the same old ways of behaving: harming each other.

Wouldn't it make sense to reverse the direction until we sort out 'that thing we do' in our heads that builds up into these extremes, wouldn't be safer and best for all to NOT have arms in fact and deal with finding solutions to our differences, many of which would be resolved within a system of support for all that doesn't leave kids believing there is nothing ahead of them and that life doesn't make sense, because the tragedy that they highlight is that what kids come to fear about their future on this planet is REAL, we live on a frightening planet, this is why we want arms.

So, please consider that this world can change in a non frightening place for all, where Life is honoured and we learn to treat each other as Equals and give to each others what we would like to receive, yes we have to create that world together, we have to work for it, Equally, first within ourselves, to change the self interested beings we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become and then without, establishing a system of support for All, so Life can be born from the Physical, and we can leave behind for good our destructive nature and the world we created. 
That world that is coming requires our commitment and it won't have place for weapons designed to harm each other with, in any way, shape or form.

To correct out Evil nature as the Mind - as moving from Self Interest to What is Best for All, you can visit Desteni and enrol in the DIP course, a free Lite version is available for Free

To learn more about the New World in the making as a world of support for All Life, join the Forums at Equal Money, cast your Vote, get involved,

Prevention is the Best Cure.

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