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Day 206: Merkaba Tips for Seamless Ascension

English: Merkaba Meditation (Stella octangula ...
English: Merkaba Meditation (Stella octangula edges and chakras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up in a Catholic country.
I did not learn about New Age theories until I was in my thirties, if you exclude Louse Hay and the Power of Positive thinking.
By that age the best I could do was to refute the catholic God, that pervert cruel Creator that was the foundation of a religion of Shame and Guilt and create another God in my mind, a better version, God as I Would have created Him, not that poor excuse of a Creator of the Scriptures.
When I moved to Asia and after 6 months of depression and isolation, as I looked for way to uplift myself I met a woman who was teaching meditation.
She was an American woman married to a local Singaporean.

She  claimed that meditation and positive thinking had taken her out of a life of pain, that she had lost a ton of weight and she finally had pieced it all together.
She taught the Merkaba, a very strange breathing technique designed to build an energy spaceship around the body, the secrets were breathing and spinning in your Mind until -she said- you would be able to 'feel' the merkaba almost solidly taking shape around you.

My attention span was quite limited and I was in no way able to follow all those instructions to the point of 'feeling' the spaceship, oddly, not was anyone else. Her power of persuasion was not strong enough.
I was afraid as well, because she said this was a "monoseat" sort of vehicle, not even a sidecar, you could not take anyone with you, basically, when the moment of Ascension would come, you would just take off by yourself.

This troubled me, I was married, not happily, but it seemed just not nice to one day disappear in the Merkaba by myself without announcement, plus I was practical in an odd way, still am, I always need a precise plan to move, something that according to my understanding of the world has covered all bases. 
For example, in the Merkaba case, a MAP? A manual to maneuver this 'vehicle', more info on what does it feed off, can the energy run out if it feeds off me when I end up consumed, do I have to build wipers for intergalactic flies? How do I breathe intergalactic wipes into the interdimensional reality onto my spaceship?

I mean, even if I were able to build such an energetic 'ship' and take off from planet Earth, where was I supposed to go? Were there Space signs? To ???  
What was our destination, where were we going and mainly, WHY?

So, as I attended these classes for 'enlightnement' held by an unstable, unattractive woman (an important point as at the time I imagined all spiritual teacher were supposed to be beautiful, tall and flowy like, very unearthly in a sort of way, more liquid than solid and not at all sturdy and un-angelic like this lady looked) who hated her mother and was "nicely" abusive to her maid, I often sat there wondering if depression was not in fact better.

I have a friend who teaches the Merkaba in Italy, he swears by it. 
He has held and still holds private seminars and is the Only certified Merkaba teacher in Italy.
One question about this Merkaba business should pop up quite naturally, isn't all this exclusivity a bit out of sync with the principle that we are all One? If this would be the only way to save oneself from Apocalypse, why wouldn't be mandatory to learn about it in School? Why only some are 'certified' to teach it if not so they can make money out of an imaginary belief system, while others can't?

Isn't the Merkaba then just another Elitist tool of this existence, with the same solid foundation Money has, NONE, where, while we pretend to be good and enlightened, we secretly harbour immense fears about our future here on Earth, so much so that we look for ways out, should the time come, and we are willing to just jump on a make belief space ship and leave everyone behind.
Does this look like Enlightnment or just a" fuck off thank you for the lift, I'm outta here"?

We are surely a strange lot. Instead of asking ourselves why we pussyfoot with the idea that we may one day just 'leave it all behind', which would be a red flag about how we experience Life on Earth and that alone should have been enough for us to ask questions like 'if all of us hate it here, is there something we can do to change it, is there a way we can build relationships based on a self honest approach to each other, is there a way we can build a better world Here, because Here we are, and Armageddon may or may not come, and if it doesn't, imagine the hours we wasted on building imaginary ships to take off into nothingness that we could have used to change who we are and the way we relate to this world and one another?

In our "de-fence" we can say we did not understand how this reality was created and why, to be really picky, we should have noticed by the outflow of Consequences that there was something terribly wrong with this world, it's not so hidden, it is surprising HOW we manage to miss it in fact; now there is New information that came through the Interdimensional Portal, so many pieces of the puzzle that we could not  place together are now becoming clearer and clearer. Not to the Merkaba teachers, my friend refused to delve into Desteni's material even though I know he got it, the polarity problem is pretty clear to many, but that would mean give it all up, the lies, the delusion, lots of loss of face and a loss of income too. 
And why would one want to do that? Just to change the World as myself for what is best for All? 
Fuck off, I'm outta here, I'll fire the engines and will leave behind just a thin cloud of Sulphur, like Satan, Me Satan, naMaSte, Watch me go. Very enlightened indeed.

So, do check out the Desteni material, it's a slap in the face, it won't make you feel better, you won't ass-send either, you will ground yourself here, where the change needs to take place, we are the 'I' of the Needle, Jesus said that a camel had more chances to sort himself out than us moving into and out the 'I' of the Needle, and no, walking like an Egyptian won't help. 

Before the information of the Interdimensional Portal nobody made it out of here alive, now a MAP exists on how to do that, and the messages are consistent, precise, as clear as they can be.
The clearest? There is nowhere to go, this is as good as it gets.
So we better start to Change what we have created to unlock our potential for ourselves and all of Existence, Equal and One, so that Heaven on Earth can be manifested for All Equally, only then the Fears we hide and suppress won't be there anymore and we won't desire to make up flimsy stories for Fear Management any longer, did anyone Really Believe that if Armageddon came a thin  energy overcoat such as the Merkaba would have been enough to save one's ass? Or was the Hope more on the  speedy energy engines, a sort of warp speed system Star Trek style to move out of here, and who could sit in quiet meditation while the Armageddon comes to enter their vehicle, or are the Merkaba students going to be notified way ahead of time? See how much crap you need to make up to keep this going?Stop
What did you think 'As above so below' really meant  and by that token, given the Current 'Below', what should await us 'Above'? Now, THAT is a scary thought.....
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