Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 136: Committing to Stop my Desire to Own and Control Others

I forgive myself that I had accepted and allowed myself to controlling character where I would secretly revel within the power of having the power to control another being and through this I forgive myself that I did not see, realise and understand that to accept and allow myself to become the controller I am accepting and allowing the polarity design of ‘control’ to exist within and as myself thus I am perpetuating the creating and experience of being controlled which I can now see, realise and understand is not a pleasant experience for anyone and through this I forgive myself that I did not see, realise and understand that ‘wanting’ to control another person means that I feel powerless within and as myself which I then try and remedy by controlling / trying to control another person, which when successful, I feel better about who I am within and as myself and through this I forgive myself that I did not see, realise and understand that when I become the controller I am in fact accepting and allowing myself to not take responsibility for who I am within and as each breath as I am relying on ‘control’ to direct the situation without me actually standing up and directing the situation within and as an expression of who I am. Esteni De Wet

When and as I see myself desiring to control another, planning and plotting how to best enslave them to me, I stop, Breathe, see, realize and understand that if such desires arise in and as me I have given in to the feeling of being Powerless and the Fear that I need to own and control another so that I can manipulate the outcome of a situation toward my hidden wishes and desires, in fear of Not getting what I expect out of a situation, instead I address my hidden wishes and desires to see where and how they originated and what I fear to lose if I stop my existence as the Good Master of Others

I commit myself to no longer step into the Good Master Character as a way to feel more and more worthy than another but to address my feelings of insecurity as they come up together with my fear of inferiority so as to STOP once and for all my desire to own others and have power over their Lives

I commit myself to investigate where, how and why, I have designed myself into this fake benevolent Character for the purpose of manipulation and control of another , as I see realize and understand that there is nothing benevolent about trying to create debts in the Life of another that will have to be repaid when I decide to call them back, as this is the very behaviour of a Mafia Boss or of the Banking System that I no longer want to see manifested in the World as a reflection of myself and my own Secret Mind


I commit myself to release everyone I have tied to me through a system of 'favors' as I see , realize and understand that I have never given anything for free but as an 'investment' and that 'investing' in the Life of others for the purpose of Profiting is what this Money System is doing to All of us as a reflection of our own participation as 'Investors for profit ' in the lives of others, instead I make sure that what I give has no strings attached, because the system we are redesigning as ourselves as an Equal Money System has no strings attached as everyone will be cared for Equally without Profiting or Retaliation for missed 'Imaginary Due Paybacks' and it won't manifest until we let go of our own Profiting and Retaliation in the name of Imaginary Due Paybacks

I commit myself to no longer abuse those who find themselves in a position of having less than me, which is the easiest place for abuse if their livelihood depends on me as in the employer/employee relationship as I see realize and understand that it is just because I am part of a system of Abuse that I get to have employees as I Capitalize on Their Need to Make Money to buy themselves Their Right to Live, because when everyone will have Equally, noone will be any longer in the position to Abuse for the livelihood of another and until then to treat everyone as I would like to be treated, giving as I would like to receive and standing One and Equal with everyone I share 'Time' with on this planet, until we are all released as Each one walks to release themselves from Slavery into a System of Support for and as Life as What is Best for All in Oneness and Equality

I commit myself to stop myself when I see that I automatically move into the 'how can I profit, how can I benefit, what's in it for me?' Character which works in association with the Good Master Cover Up as a Team of Thugs whenever I am interacting with someone and to no longer suppress this backchat of mine because I dislike seeing me as having turned into a profiteer of Life, but instead look at the thoughts that I have accepted and allowed to be automated as me so I can release them through self Forgiveness and self Corrective application to realign myself to Oneness and Equality and What is best for All

I commit myself to no longer be ashamed of digging into the dark corners of my Mind so I can become accountable for what goes on inside of me, as Change for myself and All of Existence Equal and One can come only through my absolute accountability and Self responsibility to Correct myself to realign myself to Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All

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