Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 139: WHY proposing to Change the World for FREE is a Scam

As a group we have realized that Money has become the Cause of Most Suffering in the World, not because of what Money is, but because of what WE turned Money into, a Tool for division and separation, a weapon of Mass destruction, the bestower of Worth and Value stolen from All Life Equally and traded on the Markets of this Planet.

It is self evident that Money did not get to Its Throne without Us Collectively putting it there, it is Self Evident as well that there are a few things about Money that Collectively We Just Don't Want to Face, so, since our "Wants" in the "Face" of the "Needs" of others that go unattended are fairly irrelevant, let's Face Them instead.

  • WE have given to Money the power to decide if One Lives or Dies - without Money you Die, which is WHY everybody is subconsciously or unconsciously and rarely consciously so attached to Money, as WE KNOW that Money has such Power and what would it be of Us if we were to fall flat on our face on the thin divide that separates us from the Ones not having enough to survive
  • We live within a system that is Money and Profit driven, those that pretend that God is their Master are lying, as they pray God for Money or Good Luck which is Money, or Love which is Fear of waking alone on this Planet without support which means without Money, or Good health, which One cannot buy with Money BUT can get the best healthcare with MONEY which is NOT accessible to the Poor who get to have bad Health due to the Miserable Conditions they are born and live in PLUS they can't access good Healthcare because it costs Money.
  • All the resources of the Earth that were given freely by the Planet for ALL, at the moment cost Money, water costs Money, electricity which is harnessed by the Earth resources costs Money, gas for heating or cooking costs Money. Inventions which should have been given to Humanity for free as anyone claiming an intellectual right is a cheat, as intellect is developed through Education and the learning of subjects pertinent to the later "developed invention", which is gained through Money and the Best Education costs the most Money, so we have at the Moment No fucking Clue about the untapped genius resources of the Poor, have we, as they have been discriminated BY Their Lottery Birth into a situation of No Access to the Money System.
  • Private Property is legalized theft, as any private property is built on a piece of land of the planet we All Equally belong to and the fact that even my mother told me that she would fight for what she 'owns' doesn't make this one iota more "right" than if God himself said that, as that would just prove that this Creation was faulty from the start and worshipping a Creator (Mother or God) that created and supported Inequality and apparently professed to Love His Children is a sign of Mental Sickness that would be addressed and resolved within a system where Life was cared for and considered Equally sacred.
  • Justifying this Creation because God did it, is only possible with Money in the pocket, so it's actually MONEY that allows the Belief in a God/Creator of immense benevolence, without Money there would be no need to be thankful and with prolonged starvation some of these beliefs have self healed, go figure, Reality is a potent antidote for sickening beliefs, between Reality and the Truth of this World only Money can cushion us enough to allow the blindness that would otherwise show that this World is ridden with suffering, abuse, violence, corruption, dishonesty, dishonor and not the Joy and Love professed by those selling Hope to the Fools for, ah yes, for MONEY.
  • Money doesn't grow on Trees, so thinking that Desteni can grow the MoneyTree just because they are located on a piece of farming land is a delusion, nor it can be attracted through the use of the New Quantic philosophies, if you whole heartedly believe so, give Your Money/Possessions Up for the New World System as Equal Money and set out to prove to yourself that You can attract the Money back to you, unless you too know that this is a LIE and a Hope we want to cherish so our Fear of Survival won't be so all encompassing and holfind us mercilessly into the black hole of this existence where Breathing is laced with FEAR, the same FEAR and powerlessness over 1 billion people live with every day due to their lack of access to the Money System and their Right to Live.
  • Within this consideration, the proposal of a New Economics systems is born, within the understanding that Economics is NOT a Science, because a Science is scientific in its approach and since this alleged scientific system to distribute and manage the Earth resources has obviously utterly failed, having reduced over 1 billion people into starvation as we play ''the markets' believing that what we do with Money is inconsequential when the consequences are staring us in the face through the eyes of starving Children, Economics will have to be rewritten to reflect that we understand what an Economics system is, as an Eco system in which All Life can thrive and is supported and cared for Equally.

Now, there are some promoting new Economics system that will just ask you to sign a petition, to stick a logo over your face and be done on your merry way as you continue to do what you have always done and THEY continue to do what they always did, which is NOTHING, this is another self evident point, as Charities and Do Gooders have always existed and yet the World has Not Changed, because Everyone is in it for Themselves, which is another point we'll have to face, what is The Missing Link between The World we Say We Want and the World We Have? Could it be Us? Is it possible that it is US ALL that will have to Change for The Change to become manifested as we realign to Oneness and Equality and What is Best for All? Yes, an interesting point to consider, but for now back to the practicality of How do We Change a Money driven System from Where/What it Is to Where/What we want it to Be?
Because We have to FACE this point, even if we don't want to because we like better the fairy postings about positive thinking and how the Universe is going to shift everything for Us..and yet it didn't, the dates keep changing, the Hopes not, we insist that there will be an Intervention, just as long as it is Not Our Own, any absurd belief will do to not face the point that We Are Required to bring This Change About.

The Truth of the Matter is that in a Money driven system where all resources have been stolen and privatized -and let's not feel better or more than the ones who did it, we just lacked the opportunity that they had, we would have done the same- you have TO PAY to set a New System in place, this is WHY movement like Zeitgeist and the Venus project have built just one Model City, because of MONEY and I hope No one is fool enough to deny that it cost Money to build a city as a Model of a moneyless world within a Money driven World as if they did, they would not only be lying but would be in bad faith spreading the sickness of delusion that you can in fact Change a Money driven System without Money, which is just simply NOT POSSIBLE.

The fact that we don't need Money because The resources are Here, is just the Same Delusion, go get them to build city no. 2 and 3 and you will notice that All resources are Owned by Someone, which means that Not Only We Need Money to Change the System, but we'll need Politics to Vote a New System in Place as you can Imagine by putting yourself in the place of the Owners of the World, that they will have to be Voted Out of their Ownership through Democratic Means as they do not see WHY they shuld give up what they BeLieve they rightly own, the Law says so, but these democratic Means at the Moment are for Sale and have to be bought, - yes, forgot to mention for those that did not notice, that Democracy has been privatized by Corporations who write the Laws and have them enforced as the Result of the Voting of What People Really Want through Money, which gave the Corporations The Power as Money to step up to the responsibility to run the world as they saw fit, for Money as Profit - which means that due to having unattended the World for so long in terms of Self responsibility we are NOW Forced to BUY IT Back, to BUY OUR WAY Back into the System to be able to Change it, yes, the irony it's extreme and yet it is so evident that having People spreading any other Truth than the Truth of the Matter shows that we are not in fact wanting to Face these points, because if we did, what we are doing for Change would seem as insignificant as in fact is, and it would uncover our True Hidden Motives, that keeping it like it is until I have enough for myself and My Family is Good Enough and would show that We are All Equally Responsible, a point we are trying to fight with tooth and nails, failing to see, that it's only within our taking Self Responsibility that we will get back our Power to Change the Way - we perceive- Things Are.

The other lies kept in place about this 'Good System' are glued into our Consciousness through People like the Dalai Lama, as he goes about relishing the Kind World we live in, forgetting to mention that the reason why he gets to travel first class and live a King's Life in the face of the Tibetan Fighting he left behind, is because people with Money are supporting His Lifestyle in the Hope that they will get a piece of Heaven.

The Pope is another holder of the system in place, yet he doesn't even mention the kindness of All The Fools that are supporting a nest that breeds pedophiles and abusers and while some may well have real good intentions, we must not forget that the Catholic Church owns properties, land, art and plenty gold in which they truly pour the Blood of Christ, as the sacrifice of the Living Word that they are willing to make every day for the Wealth that will ensure them the Temporal Power they are after, the Secular Ones are guaranteed by the Money they own, this is why they are Not Thanking anyone for it, they believe it is their Right to own what they do as the representative of Christ on Earth, a Poor Man who preached Equality and Oneness and threw the Money Changer out of the Temple.  And yet for MONEY the Catholics have no Morality that is What is Best for Life and Best for All,  they own a German publishing house that prints Blue Novels and pornography, a business with a turnover of 1.7 billion a year that will not be given up just because a bunch of devout Catholics have been offended and protested about it, because let's be CLEAR, this world is All About Money, the Catholics got it from the beginning, and took their measures to ensure they would build a good product to sell as Hope, that requires Faith, but that is Up to You to find it, PURE GENIUS, it would be like selling you a fridge in a country with no electricity and being told the electricity to run it, is YOUR Problem, which is what Faith is, the engine that moves Hope, that creates Hell, while they made sure they kept their marketing going, as it is the best business on Earth, manufacturing Faith comes at Zero cost, with 100% profits to guarantee they had more than enough to weather this Life that they see and understand won't be a Life without Money, because MONEY is God and the Ruler of the World, until we say ENOUGH.

At Equal Money we are giving up ALL LIES About Money, as we see that it won't be possible to address this system change if we keep lying and pretending that Money is Not Important in a World where they will soon find ways to sell the very air we breathe, instead we say, IT WILL TAKE MONEY TO CHANGE THIS SYSTEM, and these are the reasons why it will:

This system can be accessed ONLY through Money, as we have locked ourselves out of it and enslaved ourselves to it, yes not the greatest idea, but the natural consequence of keeping on delegating our Self Responsibility, until a system took over a Life of its own, stemming from Greed and Self interest, not the best cocktail to give birth to a System that is now governing and owning our very Lives, and having abdicated our Power to Money in Every Field of Existence, anything we want to do to spread the message will cost us Money, flyers, radio, commercials, documentaries, anything and everything we wish to access to allow the message to spread costs M O N E Y.
All of us within the group are contributing financially as we can, we support the Eqafe Shop that sells interviews to explain the System and how we came to find ourselves in this situation, plus we support this project through Time and Labour, which unfortunately at the moment doesn't translate into Money, because we cannot pay each other for what we do to spread the message as everyone is contributing time and labor and their individual skills for free, yet the Money point stays, it has not gone away, because the Money point is "The Point" that we need to address together, as at the moment is representing WHAT WE Stand For, as Separation, Self Interest and Greed and so it will take us to 'Stand for Something Else', as Equality and Oneness, before the point can shift in the Physical.

So, while I want to thank all the people that contact me/us on Twitter or Facebook to let me/us know that they like Equal Money, that they have voted, wishing good luck -because they just didn't get yet that Luck is MONEY, as it is proved by HOW MUCH LUCK the Rich seem to have-, I want to remind everyone that reads our blogs, that we need MONEY to Change this Money System, that all of us will have to give up something to chip into this new Money project and those that have much shall contribute for the Time they are NOT putting in, because this system will benefit everyone Equally and it will become manifested through our Equal participation in Time and/or Money.

This doesn't mean that we have conversion table to monetize what we do or how we contribute or how others shall contribute, it means that each one of us has to see that the Real Voting system is happening in this World through Money, as the experiences we wish to have and the desires we invest in, and that if there was no one buying arms they would not be manufactured, no one buying sex it would not be sold, no one buying children they would not be on the slave market and so when we look at this world we must be aware that We are Voting this World to either STAY as it is, which is fucking crazy and has reached the end of its sustainability long ago, while we joined Love and Lighters, UFO sightings, channelers and mediums to discover what would be of us in the Future, when WE ARE The Ones creating this Future and voting it into place every single day, with everything we buy for our self interest and greed, over buying as VOTING for a World that supports an Equal Life that is Best for All.

So, until the New System is in place we have to ask Ourselves, what can I do without to ensure that a New System is in place for when I die so as to not leave behind this utter disgrace of a World to the children that will come, wouldn't have We liked to NOT have to be born into the consequences of the lives gone before us that set in motion such a place? Wouldn't We have liked to be born in a system that supported us from Birth to Death, where Life is not about Competing for Survival but about Giving One Another the best Possible Life experience we could share? It's possible, that World is in the making with Equal Money, stand up, take your place among the pillars of the New System so that the ones coming will have a foundation to build on, to keep going toward Equality and Oneness and a World that is best for All, until that World will have to manifest as this one fades away as the illusion of separation it now stand for and as.

There are really no excuses for Not Understanding this point, if we are making them up we should be aware that we are and get moving, because the lies about Money have to STOP but so have the lies we tell ourselves about WHY there is Nothing that We Can Do, even when a Solution is offered to Us on a Golden Platter that only requires our honest participation and practical support, until it's done.

Equality is Who We are, anything less that we accept is a compromise in the face of our Oneness and the Life We Could Be if we could stop for this One Life to be the assholes that pretend to care instead of becoming Self Responsible Beings that Do Care and Move Together to stand as Life for Life to Change this World for Ourselves and All of Existence, Equal and One, Once and for All.

Self Forgiveness for desiring Change for "Free" Will follow.

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