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Day 300: Obama-ing the New Italian Parliament

As many who are following International Politics know, we have had a major 'apparent' turn around during the latest elections.
A new party called '5 Star Movement' ranked up 1/3 of all votes in the name of Change, people shouted 'CHANGE' and boarded the Change Movement.

Yesterday the new Parliament was declared, the '5Star Movement' faithful to the promise of not meddling with 'old politics' aka thieves and liars ended up not participating in the government proposal of the left, they believed that they could turn around the table once and for all to then have it all, a new election and the majority of votes to rule.
I voted for the 5 star movement, because they promised the Hope of Change, something other parties didn't even mention because the specific Change we were talking about was that they would have to leave Parliament 'en mass', and leave it up to the upcomers, the voice of Change, to redo the whole political scene, rewrite the rules of the game and design a New World.

One point that shows how clearly we were all mistaken is the end of this story, due to the staunch stand against the past and anything to do with it, what happened was that the old players got together, dropped the mask of the pretense of opposing each other and pledged with the Italian President to accept another 7 years of term and appoint THEM, together as a government or 'large understanding'.

The 'large understanding' definition represents government that embrace parties that are from both the left and the right side of Parliament, in some countries this has been possible due to their existence not in opposition to each other but as complementary forces, this is not the case in Italy, the left are the liberals and the right wing represents the democrats.
By definition their objectives and interests are social for the first group and corporate-ish for the second, an obvious clash, the only thing that is cool about what happened is that the games are becoming clearer, the delusion of Democracy and the illusion that we have any power in the decision making of our countries through our government as our representative has finally fallen, they don't give a hoot about anyone, and if they are cornered into the choice of giving up power or exposing the true nature of the game, they'll go for exposure because there will always be Propaganda good enough to convince the dumb masses that we have become that things are not as they seem, that they are working for the best of all, that they are in fact the responsible ones doing the real interest of the country.

Now, to keep up the charade, the illusion of change had to be sustained somehow, we had to 'Obama' our parliament; as much as the US interpreted a black man as 'Change' we would have to take the example and do even better, the trick must be comparable to the cry for Change and we had a big cry here, so we put 7 women as Ministers, highest number ever, including a black woman at the Ministry of Integration, we have effectively now Obama-ed ourselves into the illusion of Change.

Just one not for the political disinformed that may raise some eyebrows, the ministers given to women were nothing to worry about, including the Ministry of Justice, because as we know if you have Money you can bypass any law, you exist beyond and above the Law, hence no woman is in any way in a position to damage or threaten the system, not even Emma Bonino, a Human right feminist activist who has been given the prestigious Ministry of Foreign Affair, a nice place that guarantees first class travels all over the world while representing the country.
Has anyone noticed how the system will either cast you out if you are unbreakable or find ways to corrupt you and make you part of the game by giving you an interesting enough share of the pie? This is Emma Bonino's case, she was first invited into the Bilderberg, the banker's secret Club and then given a position of prestige, this is how we stop fighting the system or  stop standing up for a new system, we are grown organically into it, we are made to love it and rewarded for our loyalty and for the promise to no longer misbehave and cross lines, hence why those who would be in a position to stand up, either intellectually or morally, end up giving in, we sell out, all of us have sold out, politicians, artists, intellectuals, all of us have sold out to the fake comforts and insurance policies offered by the system.

We sold out even with the 5 Star Movement, because we said we did not want to mix with the past, so the past took over and fucked us over again. Well thought out to try and be the incorruptible ones within a corrupted system, while we took a step back to governing, they all took a step forward and took the seats to govern again, Berlusconi at the head, most of the ministers are from his party (Surprise), and the 5 star movement took nothing, just a good dose of self righteousness and the idea that we are better than them - hence we will not participate.

Are we better really in any way? Because not governing was just what the system wanted from us, if we are waiting for a clean parliament to seat at our places of responsibility to change the system and make it work for All we may have to wait for looong, there is no clean system in this world and hence not a clean person, no one is innocent, standing up for a change doesn't make anyone of us any better because every day we are still participating within and as a Money System that allows and promotes abuses, there is no way to be clean until we design a clean world for everybody, and yes, we may have to get dirty to get clean, so as Sean Connery asked in The Untouchables "how far are we willing to go to bring Capone down?", we'll have to go the whole nine yards, first we start with the Capone inside each one of us, the bloodthirsty personalities we indulge that would do anything for power, greed and self interest and then we'll have to go for democratic elections and not just try once, you see the finger at the top of this blog?

This is one of our Parliamentary representatives, Gasparri, this was what he showed the people gathered in the Montecitorio square to oppose the reelection of an ottuagenarian President of the Republic (87 years old to be precise) as the guarantor of democracy and yet, he was reelected. He'll be in a wheelchair before the end of his term and that's fine, dementia in the highest roles of the government helps those who do not want to give any guarantees about what they are or will be doing.
He negotiated for his reelection that compromising tapes about a private conversation he had with a minister where he called a journalist an 'asshole' and another minister an 'idiot' should be destroyed, so he may rest in peace once he dies and no one would be able to dig into the real story of his support for bankers against the people and the weakest of society evicted from their homes and destroyed by debt.

While incidentally, our Minister for Economics is the general Director of Bankitalia, Fabrizio Saccomanni, another banker, get the drift? We are just changing the costumes and actors of the show but the pantomime is always the same, and of course we remain the slaves tied to a debt designed to keep us in place.

So, how far shall we go to get back into power?
All the way - let's just not make it bloody, shooting started today outside of the Italian Parliament, a desperate man said 'I wanted to hit the Politicians for what they are doing', but who is doing this, who is accepting the idea that we can't change, why do we exclude ourselves from participating actively in politics? Is the 5 Star movement the mesmerizing arm of the Bilderberg, are we being led once again to hope for change vs just changing? Why leave the parliament to the old games once we have our foot in?
We are not better, we are not cleaner, at the moment we have just one choice, get the finger or stand up. When we will be tired to be told to go get fucked,  we may start to see the amazing common sense of Equal Money, when every Life will have Equal Value and Worth no one will any more be in a position to give the finger to anyone,we will redesign the world to include all of its parts, what we have done so far is not the best we can do, so how long shall we take the finger, how long are we giving ourselves the finger by not getting together under a common Manifesto for Human Rights that include ALL?

EqualMoney, no bloody revolutions, no shooting of Politicians (albeit tempting) no giving the finger back, just one by one standing  to become the Change we want to see in this world, this is not Utopia, it's a Real Movement, a Self Movement that as it gathers power by numbers, will be both unstoppable and irreversible.
Join us.

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