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Day 290: The Elite - Idiot Savants of the NWO

I have been catching up with the latest news about what is going on in the world - why we call them news when they are just a repeat of the 'news' we have been reading for centuries is beyond me, we should call them 'same old same old' -: exploitation, abuse, corruption, environmental problems, slavery in all its forms.
Interestingly the day I started to write this, Common Dreams published an article called  "Capitalism as Psychosis", so it is becoming increasingly clear that supporting this system shows we have Mental problems, the bigger the Money we are making out of it, the bigger the Mental Issues because we live as if there was no consequence to our behavior while we exist just for the happy piling up of Money which is just Life Resources in disguise.

For sure we are up for an ingenuity prize, we have been incredibly creative in finding new ways to make things worse - as we put Profit at the centre of everything we did and do, we ended up with a world that has long forgotten that we need what is Here to Live, we don't have a Choice about what we save, the planet and Life and our asses or our make belief money in the Bank, instead we told ourselves we did and should go for our right to Free Choice and have been gingerly going for grabbing all we could squeeze out of each other and every entrepreneurship we came up with, just because we -erroneously- believed we could.

I spent a few days with someone who spoke about this system as 'the best we can do, not perfect but evolving to correct its flaws'.

I had a similar conversation on Quora, with a gentleman who insisted I am out of touch with reality because this world is Fine, I just need a little Faith, the understanding that we should go for natural selection of the weakest being dumped out of the system while I should take notice that when he was a boy scout he could live off the land, rubbing sticks for fire and eating berries and roots, the proof that anyone has access to everything they need, they are just Lazy for not getting into 'boyscout mode' and moving along.

I used to get very annoyed listening to the stance that "we are just evolving, yes conceded, we are making a few mistakes here and there but the Truth is, we are correcting them too", but the point is that this view is so common we really have to give up the habit of getting annoyed or we wouldn't be doing anything else - as getting annoyed would in fact take up all of our time and then some, plus what is getting annoyed going to solve?

Can we get annoyed with someone who says 1 billion people dying of starvation is the planet and nature self regulating when we know that Poverty is Man Made and an obvious System Flaw we don't want to own up to, or that 2.5 billion people don't have access to sanitation and have to discuss that we can't decide for them if they want a toilet at home or who says they would like to have running water - is it so difficult to apply to others what we would like for ourselves, can we say 'they like to walk 10 miles to the river and carry 30 litres buckets of dirty polluted water, it's their exercise, they are healthier than we are, who are we to say how they should live?' and even believe it? 
Then by the same token who are we to say how they should NOT live, why not open up same choices to all and then let anyone decide which means stopping to superimpose all our romantic ideas about poverty or what poverty is on Poverty and just correct the system to stop Poverty because no one enjoys it -no matter what we say and preach and what kind of back up we look for to show THEY Do, They have The Freedom to be Poor vs asking why isn't everybody in the world having access to clean water as a Human Right and, what is WRONG with proposing to build a world that guarantees this for All, really?
Isn't it obvious we are brain damaged by a Propaganda that we then hold on to because it excuses us from having to do something about it all?

So, do not get mad, keep writing to expose that something is not right, despite those that want to show us  that we are wrong, that we just lack faith in humanity, lack the vision, have funny beliefs about understanding the system when in truth we don't - yet insisting that the evidence of the world 'supports the point that all is fine' it's psychotic and no matter what we say to prove why a change is not required, the aspect of our psychotic world is not going away nor it will be proven not required just because

  • many tried before and failed
  • because this system is not so bad after all - it could be worse
  • because at least we now have the freedom to criticize it (my very favorite)
  • because we are free to work to get on top.

Those arguments are middle class arguments - they belong to those that have been sold such beliefs and have just looked for back ups to support them, Ayn Rand or others that promoted the 'goodness' of a free market economy and having to leave everyone 'foolish and hungry' enough to want to climb to the top are the means to an end of justifications and excuses about why we don't face the one point that is the core of it all ' do we think our lives are worth more than others?'. 
And if we do, how come we don't see we are basing the value of life on Money, either owned or the potential to earn it - how is this NOT a mental ill-ness?

Old and apparently new business models, which become 'models' when those sharing 'made it' are considered through the assumption that the 'winners' applied a model that worked, this can be seen clearly in Asia, where some roads have their shops all selling the same things - it would seem idiotic anywhere else but not in the business world of the poor climbing up, unwilling to take risks they can't afford and concluding that "if my neighbor sells screws and made money, I am going to open a screw shop" - whole roads filled with screw shops take form, we believe the 'model' worked vs considering that the one who made it was just lucky by design because that would blow up in our face together with all ideas about 'merit' and having deserved what we have.

But for the Elite, those that seem to us all powerful and mighty that are knowingly and deliberately sacrificing the world and its resources for Profit, believing that when they will have a stack of Money reaching all the way to the sky -they will be safe, they must be aware that this world is getting to a point of fuckedupness beyond repair, they are in fact planning to leave it all behind and move to Mars, we pay for those exploration trips through the tax system but we are not part of "Operation Mars" because no matter how hard the slaves worked to build this world, those on top, the most brain damaged of us all, see the slaves as their burden and the reason that stands between them and absolute bliss, the parasites of society that won't be required in a New World Order that this time -they think - they will design perfectly, flawless and they won't fuck it up like this one, no sir, they will set rules and regulation in place from the get go like, no trash in space, no chewing gums -like in Singapore, no smoking, no GMO, only vegans etc. they will have a clear plan to make it all work, but what about our need to be 'more' than others, what if they won't leave THAT one behind?
Shall they try the little Slavery Number with each other, as we proved we need the people at the bottom to give worth and value to those at the top, how is a world with only those on top going to work, who will be pushed at the bottom for our dreams of power and all-mightiness?

So, we can see how the idiot savants that engineered a world they no longer like and don't know how to stop, keep overlooking practical points, one is what to do with a herd of blood thirsty consumers now that they have set out to consume it all - they didn't see THIS ONE coming, that those at the bottom would consume everything and shit out Money for them, it's the point of 'consuming everything' that went slightly overlooked with  the inevitable consequence of such a creation that got out of hand while the money piled up, can we now use Money to buy back what we had? NO, so have we sold out to Money what was Really valuable in exchange for NOTHING, sold out to an idea that doesn't have enough substance to put the substance back where we took it from and the correction of which will require our united effort that will have to go way BEYOND Money, back to what is valuable for real, LIFE, which was given to all living beings Equally to prove our Equal Value and Worth as Life - Not as Money, so can we not see that Inequality can only exist due to a misplacement of Real Worth and Value onto an Imaginary collectively agreed mean of exchange, we gave up Life for Energy/Money, real dumb, but this can be changed.

The consequences we are facing are a diminishment of our clean water supply, polluted almost un-breathable air -for which we increased our level of tolerance both physically and in environmental measurements - but no solutions have been engineered yet around how to skip our -commercially unreasonable- need to breathe, the planet we poisoned will bear fruits the children of the poor & those of the rich will be served with, and the money required as a buffer to separate some from the misery of this world will increase exponentially and then there won't be enough money to separate the creators from the created and we'll end up all together in the deep shit we have overlooked as the con-sequence of what we did, without considering the Oneness of the Whole. 
That will be our first glimpse at Equality, Equally living out the consequences of what we created and allowed to exist with our permission.

We can't ask the Elite to fix what we have done, either directly or through our acceptance and allowance, idiot savants only do well one thing, what they do well we have seen, they make money/profit, what they have not yet reconciled with is the consequences of making money without consideration for anything else, so we can let go of the idea that there is a Secret World Gang organizing our demise, they don't need such thing, we are the ones who are walking our own self destruction in our uppity stance that 'it's the 1% that has to fix this mess, because they are the ones who created it', they can't snap out of this Profit delusion and work to restore what we have collectively damaged, the more Money you have, the bigger the hole you have dug for yourself without considering that you were pulling on the resources designed for the common good, in the dis-guise of Money, and it will be up to us to stand to correct this world by stopping the common idiocy that took us here creating instead a common sense symbiotic system that considers all its parts as Equally important and Worthy to be cared for.

Join Equal Money, the future of this World is Here, we are The Only Ones missing so far.

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