Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 298: There is Too-Much Love in this World

I have been an advocate for Love as a force for Change, a staunch advocate at that.

It was convenient, did not cost me a penny or my time, it did not require for me to change because I could claim to be loving and that was enough and when any doubt would come up I would get together with some other loving people, so we could support each other lies and pretense and do nothing about the state of the world together and then go home feeling all good about ourselves, we were the loving ones not the evil ones of this world - thangodforthat.

Funny claim considering it didn't even change me, I watched myself get more entrenched with time going by in my belief systems, habits, behaviors, personalities so I cal testify for sure that Love didn't even change me, but at the time I insisted, in fact I vowed it could change the world.

My favorite replies to anything practical like Famine, wars, violence, child abuse were these:

Love is the Solution

Love is all we need

Love is what will change the world

Love is who we really are

There is a long list of those oxy-morons we use to define why we would not in fact stand for a solution that is real, where the lives of all would be improved, where the planet would be cared for, the animals would be respected and we would stop doing everything in the name of Greed, Profit and Money.

Some of us 'lovers' and ex'lovers' are or were supporters of a book like the Bible which contains more tragedies and hatred than all Greek mythology put together and the parts in which some cool messages slipped in -by mistake, like to love our neighbour or give to each other what we would like for ourselves- those parts we pulverized out of our consciousness and then brushed off any remote resonance to them.

No wonder the world is what it is, we are living the Bible script minus the few and far in between good bits.

So, to go back to 'there is too much Love in this world', I would like to say that if we did not have this socially accepted excuse, this feel good prompting to shove up each other's ...... to activate the 'yes, that's true' 'yes you are right' compulsory response, we may have looked for real practical solutions by now.

What about facing the WHY we are busy keeping the Love lie up, what is the Con-venience of such belief system if not clearly as the best answer to give when not wanting to walk the required physical steps to change this world to make it work for everyone?

How can we in the same sentence deny the right to Equality as Equal Worth and Value to All and profess Love? What is the Love we are talking about then if not just an Idea, a fairy tale not different from those pathetic ones we imprint our children with to make them 'wanters' of things, experiences, good feelings in which we include Love as the delusion we live and pass on to future generations.

Let's consider that wanting Love to be real, wanting Love as the Solution means we must get to the Solution first, because Love is not changing anything by itself, it's not a magic wand, it doesn't change the individual and hence it doesn't change the world, the inner doesn't change just by claiming Love, we don't become loving by saying we are just like we don't become wise, clever, practical, stable just by saying it, nor does the outer, so we need to redefine Love to something we can do to make it real.

Where exactly does our cognitive dissonance come in about Love and what Love is, where did this misunderstanding started, our misinterpretation of Love as the label we can put on an action before it is undertaken, on a solution before it is accomplished or even agreed on.

At Desteni, as a group, we are not bashing Love for the fun of it, we do it to burst the Love bubble, as a form of support, to take off the Emperor clothes that were never there to start with, the nice make up we wear to pretend to be good so we can expose our unwillingness to work together for real, to grant to each other the lives we wished to live because we need to see the problem before we can change it, and Love is a smoke screen that must come down for the house of cards to fall once and for all and allow us to face the consequences of having been anything BUT loving.

If Love was real, we would not allow a child to go hungry, a parent to not have enough to get to the end of the month, a father to be homeless after a divorce, a single human being in slavery, violence, rape, wars, so the next time we feel the nagging temptation to use Love as the reason why we are not joining the most loving solution of the Planet, we should stop and face the image we are trying to keep up of ourselves to face the underlining fears we have of Equality and what it would mean to suddenly have to give up our privileged position in the World to create a world that would work for All, Equally, considering all its parts as living pieces of the equation that make life on Earth possible, and not some just as spare parts or human waste that we can dispense with and dispose of just because we are not related to them by 'emotions and feelings' - which are not even real.

If we like the idea of Love and loving each other, we have to take the necessary steps to make it real, practical, tangible, turning the matter we manifested into a horror show into a place where a dignified Life for All is not only possible, it's a given, a gift that we give to each other to Real-ize Love and rescue it from the deception it has become in our attempt to deny the need for Change, our individual Inner Change as parts of the Whole to allow the Outer reflection to change with and as us.

Join EqualMoney, it's not a For-taking system, it's a For-Giving System to make Love Real for All, Equally.

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