Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 281: Berlusconi - Can't Manufacture Consent? Buy It!

Berlusconi's ranked in 3rd at the Italian election, most votes he took from people he bought with promises of a tax return and, even scarier, by buying for Ac Milan, His soccer team and one of the favorite of the tournament, their favorite soccer player, Ballottelli.
The first news is out in the open, he himself sent letters to citizens, pensioners and even priests, who notoriously don't pay property taxes because their properties are 'places of worship', to offer back the last tax we paid during the Monti administration. Some really believed him, as unfathomable as it is.

But today I want to write about something else which is more sinister and which we must not realize in its full context, because if we did it could be the trigger to wake us up from slumber, forever.

So, a few days ago, a gentleman who was a politician in 2006 during the Prodi administration, Mr. De Gregorio, decided to confess that Berlusconi gave him 3 million euros to switch party and make the government fall. Maybe it rings just like another story of corruption, when in fact those votes brought down a democratically elected administration, one that the people chose to represent themselves, basically, through Money, the chosen ones were kicked out of Parliament for the benefit of 1 Man, who has made himself God in Italy, above and beyond the Law, going as far as changing the law of conflict of interest to serve and allow him to own the televisions the media AND be in Government at the same time - and never do 1 day of jail in the process, no better he  attacks the magistrates because THEY stand in His way and because, HE CAN-  and yet, look, all that Manufacturing of Consent did not work, the people chose someone else, we went and expressed a preference that was more aligned with the interests of all and so what did he do, he bought the Parliament for Himself, what else?

He has in the past either been cleared, or cases have run beyond the judicial time limit. Also, jail sentences for people over 75 can be commuted to house arrest in Italy.
In 2009, Mr Berlusconi estimated that over 20 years he had made 2,500 court appearances in 106 trials, at a legal cost of 200m euros.

I have no illusion that in the place of the Politicians bought out I would have not done the same, we live in times of uncertainty since.... the beginning of time, because in a world where not everyone has the same opportunities, the same chances, you gotta be scared, your luck could turn, you could no longer be protected by God, the Holy Mary, Baby Jesus, Buddha, then you would have to fend for yourself like everyone else.
And this is what Berlusconi can count on, he can bully anyone and then buy out -almost- anyone, such is our utter weakness in the face of Money.
Why would that be then, when 70% of the people are asked about Money and the pivotal role it has come to play in all our lives, they reply 'Money is Not All?' - yes, people lie all the time, it's now scientifically proven.

The evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers has argued that self-deception is rooted in an adaptive mechanism. Specifically, humans have always had to navigate through a maze of complex social interactions. Part of the driving force behind the evolution of the human brain is the need to be Machiavellian in how one handles others. This creates the classic evolutionary arms race between the evolution of Machiavellian strategies when interacting with others, and the counter force of detecting such strategies in others when they are interacting with us. Trivers argued that self-deception is in part an adaptation to the latter counter force. In other words, self-deception minimizes the likelihood that others will be able to detect one's duplicitous intent, as it removes any outwardly cues of inner conflict

We deceive ourselves about what is really important, we have arguments and philosophize, we created theories, wrote books, poems, screenplays in which everything magically appears and we skip the money part, the 'how the f**k did you get THAT' part, we keep creating systems to deceive ourselves about what we really care for, which is MONEY, because no matter how strongly we defend the point that Money is Not All, we want it for ourselves because we know what Money Truly is, Money is Freedom, is the Freedom from fear, anguish, from living on the street, from going hungry, from not being able to travel, to move, it's the Freedom to make Moral choices and yes, we'll make a few immoral ones on our way to having enough because we don't see the Money maze and then we amaze ourselves in discovering that it's never enough.

People who are in politics, earning close to 200000 euro per year with plenty benefits have ENOUGH, but not as Enough as they would like, they would just like a little bit more, 3 million is a good start, then they can switch off as well the fear for the future of their children and grandchildren, what a luxury.

And yet, as clear as we are about Money and what it REALLY buys, we don't want to grant it to others, because we want us to have a "Lack of fear" advantage, so we can pretend we are Brave, when in fact we are just Money Brave, sure if Berlusconi had no more Money tomorrow he wouldn't be so brave to not attend ALL of his trials declaring one lie after another that would not be accepted by one without the Bravery of Money, or to try and take over the Judiciary or anyone just because he can spend 200 million euros in legal fees, would he?

As a group, we faced and are facing the point of Money, we admitted to ourselves that Money is God, as such We propose a new system of handling this world we share, first, we ALL come CLEAN about Money, we stop lying to prove it's not, because that one little white lie we insist on telling is what is keeping the Money system exactly as it is, in the hands of those who have faced it and said 'Money is not All? GIVE IT TO ME THEN!". So we face the point that Money has become for each one of us our God, from there we can change what we worship, we take a step to realize that only Life has value and we restart from scratch, we SEE for Real for the first time that everyone is born Equal and that it was not ever meant like in Animal House, that some are born MORE EQUAL, it means what we say, All Equals, all must have access to the resources they need to live, all are uplifted from poverty, misery, fear, doom and gloom ahead, all are put in condition to restore their Integrity through an act of Grace that we grant to each other as Self, as One and from there we build a new world.

When the lives of all will be guaranteed and FEAR will no longer play a role in Human Interactions, no one will be able to be manipulated and no one will desire to, because as we build a system that works for All as those who want it, we become the system and we realign to a system of giving vs a system of getting and slowly we can retrace where we got lost and bring back all our pieces and then we'll have Heaven o Earth for everyone and not just for the few that can now BUY it for themselves, leaving all the rest in Hell as Children of a Lesser God.

Equal Money, the New world starts Here, one self honest step at the time. Join us.

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