Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 280: We Baptize Apples now, so They Won't go to Hell.

We are facing a new trend in Italy. We are naming Apples.
I am not sure about how this takes place, if they have daddy apple and mummy apple present when the naming takes place, I have not heard of Apple gatherings after Baptism where all Apples get together to eat and drink and be merry.
What I know for sure is that not All Apples are born Equals.

The 'Melindas' are more expensive than the 'Melasi'', 'Melasis' are born with some defects by the same manufacturer, but they don't satisfy our eye, so they have less value, 'Marlenes' are BIO, so they got a name for themselves, we couldn't let one producer take the market by storm by having a name just for themselves, so now soon, all our apples will have names, their names will tell us where they come from, who they are, their past, present and future, their name is their destiny. Why is that?
Just so, someone said they had a certain value, built a value for them and we believed them, so now to be chic, we will no longer buy vulgar nameless apples, we want to know their progeny and we want to pay More to get the baptized apples, because if we can afford to pay More for something, we have More Value, we buy our Value/Worth now on the street stalls just like everywhere else, but putting value on food through a name is quite a recent trend.

Are we showing something to ourselves?
What is it that is preventing us from seeing that All Apples were born Equal before we decided that they were not, oh wait, we do that with people too, we use names and other traits to define the value of some vs the value of others, and then we go and believe it. And force on the ones less worth (y) a specific predictable destiny, normally one we would not like for ourselves, but that is the price to pay to be born in a world where everything has a price, where Life has a price we must pay and is NOT given for free to All.

There is no reason to put a price tag on everything that exists if not because we have become worthless.
If we were clear about our value and worth as Life, we would never allow Life to be monetized, we would see no sense in doing such thing as putting a price on what was born price-less.

We live in a system that doesn't care for Life, we are this system and we don't care about Life, if we did we would tend to all Life expressions Equally because it would be clear to us, that there is no other value above Life and that everything that is here in and as support is given for free, for us to share with each other, we could be the keepers of each other and create a world that works for all, a Price-less world.

We see this as a possibility, although remote at the moment, there is a chance that we may wake up to the point of what is really valuable, we may even wake up and see we must have come to this point with some help, it's fathomable to imagine that someone led us here while we were sleeping and hoping to not have to take self responsibility for Our Creation, and in the process we have been monetized too, our lives have a price and is really cheap, we justify what we do in this world as a system that we were born into and can't be changed, it's cool to give up now and tell ourselves we are just transiting, what if we are due back here again until we sort this out?

Will we then enjoy the world that we left behind, a world of poverty and famine, of neglect and violence, of war and abuses, a world where we are deliberately making choices that do not include others, where if you are called Jose' you are worth less than Elizabeth, was our naming enough for us to not deliver us to Hell?

Apparently not, we have created Hell in our separation and now we believe Hell is the best we can do, when in fact we are just potential waiting to be molded, will we mold ourselves Pro Life or Pro profit?
We decide.

At Equal Money, we realize that everyone has the same Worth and we recognize that our Equal Value as Life must drive our choices, as Children of the same Earth.
Nothing stops us from being our Brothers Keepers but Us, We can Change and take the World as Us with us into a New Paradigm as Heaven on Earth for All. Join us.

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