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Day 347: Entering the World System - Who is Your Daddy Now? Money!

This is a follow up to my postsParenthood and Corporal Punishment - Scarring/Scaring  Tin Soldiers to DeathParenthood and Corporal Punishment - Scarring/Scaring 

I am walking backward my own timeline to see how did I accept and allow Money to become the power that it is in my life, what decides if I can move or not, if I am Free or not, if I have choices or not and specifically how I understood at a very early age that it is Money that makes the world go round, that makes people jump out of their chairs and do something, it is Money that allows us the Freedom to move on from our families, to enter the world and finally rid ourselves of their -unwelcome- oppressive presence.

Of course no one wants to be honest about it, we don't like to take on the Family topic because we feel like traitors, exposing the truth of what really went on in our families as we grew up to make sure we would bow to the System and the Money God and embrace it for life.

Everytime we raise the topic of Money some smarty panty will post comments like 'Money is Not All' 'You can't buy happiness with money', 'Love is All there is' or, my favorite, 'poor people are much happier than those with money'.

In theory we should not even honor the debate, because anyone who has the Freedom to make such comments on internet, using a keyboard and a connection line powered by electricity, has got money, more money than close to 3 billion people on this planet of which we are not ashamed to not give a fuck about -even when we preach that 'Love is All there is', which should definitely make us question ourselves and reality but thanks god we always have an Ace up our Sleeve so we created Positive Thinking to never acknowledged the fact that this World is a fundamentally Survival based Negative Place -because That is a Scary Thought.

I know All about Positive Thinking, I lived it, preached it, pushed the Negative People away because I feared being contaminated by Their Negativity, I went all the Positive Way just to find out that there is no way to resolve the 'negative' lack filled side of this world' unless we do something about it, unless we draw a line just so we can hang on to the bits of humanity left in us and stand to change ourselves and the world as One.

When I lived with my Family, in more than one occasion I felt like a Circus Monkey, jumping through hoops for the promise of some material reward, that's right, children apparently are unable to understand why they should not hit each other with a stick or try to scoop out someone's eyes with a fork, they are Stoopid, that's why parents set in place their reward and punishment system at an early age, to teach them 'right from wrong', never allowing children to understand that to every action there is a consequence, because the sequence is confused in the child's mind by some parental sequins, either a bling bling reward or a punishment that can be physical or just removing something the child enjoys.

I am ashamed to say that when one of my friend pointed out the disfunctional way we use 'consequences' to teach children a lesson, I could not see what was wrong with that, the example she stated was 'if you paint on the wall you will not eat cake', yeah I said, what's wrong with that?

So it is at my mature age of close to 50 that I have to realize this point, that I was never taught consequences per se, I was only taught 'punishment' which turned out to be very impractical because I had to learn the con-sequences of everything I did by Living It instead and it was way more painful than if someone had shown to me that consequences are infact mathematical equation measurable on a timeline including all the parts that are involved within an interaction.

What children are given then is Punishment while they are deprived of their natural ability to learn a common sensical approach to Life, where if we were taught just to 'never do onto another what we do not want to done to us' and to 'give as we would like to receive', we would grow to be the Creators of a world that works For All, and not this abomination where close to half of the world lives unimaginable lives of poverty and distress.

Parents are the promoter of a 'positive thinking' lifeStyle, because we are bred within only negative emotions due to punishment vs a common sense approach to life, to the requests for Monkey Hoops Jumping that turn us out into mental cases and so as we try to deny that we hate our families for the most part, we fall head over hills with Positive Thinking, with the idea that we can attract Better Feeling Places for ourselves than those where we lived as we grew up and so we walk the teachings, remembering well that it was Money and Fear- that moved us throughout childhood and as we grow up, we take these tools into the world and bestow them on everyone we meet, we use emotions and feelings to enslave partners and friends -because it works!- and we use Money to enslave others into an Equation of Inequality, where the only point we shoot for is to have enough to no longer have to endure the Monkey jumping numbers, hoping to be able to buy the Dignity that we define associated to Money and not to giving to each one of us on this planet, our Family, what belongs to all, so that we may have it all too, dignity, self respect, truly honorable lives, nope, we take mum and dad's teachings, their sequins, the Fear wand and we venture out to do the same damage that was done onto us, because we can IF we get our hands on enough Money, they could and instead of granting to all the Freedom to exist, we perpetrate our own enslavement, we turn life into a product, a style, something we can buy for ourselves and of course we attempt to increase our Buffer between ourselves and reality through Money, because we know that at the bottom of this idiotic system of duality where most have to lose for some to win, lies the desperation of many that we are not willing to join and from which we separate in our minds, where we make up alternate realities where All is Well and we are willing to take those lies all the way into the words we speak and state that 'Love is All You Need', when we do know that we have never made a Love transaction to take us anywhere but further into our delusion, we know that we pay the rent, the food, our transportation with Money but we like to look at the poor that smile and believe they are happier than us, there you go, they can keep the happiness, I will make do with the Money.

We can create a world that works for All by recognizing we have been fooling ourselves -and others- with the Love and Positive Crap, we can give back to ourselves our ill placed investments, get back in One piece/peace vs the Multiple Disordered personalities that we have become and in one breath affirm our commitment to Life, stop the enslavament of Each other for Money and Good Feeling Experiences, delve into what the world has become beyond polarities, it is what it is, if we hold one single judgement we'll keep turning away to not face what we have in fact accepted and allowed, instead we move together, one breath at the time, work our way back from our Shame into reality and then embrace it, the good, the bad the ugly, so we can see what needs to be done, and do it, and within that bring Heaven to Earth for everyone, once and for all.

A different world is possible, walk self honestly in the shoes of the destitutes of this world and see if you would really like their 'happy' lives, if you would like to have to sell your body to eat or to get a shelter, or if you would lik to be a slave in a diamond mine to survive or be jailed for no reason to fatten up the private jail system of rich countries, look around, see how many lives would be unliveable for you and then consider why is it normal that we allow in existence a system that manufactures such lives as an outflow of what has to be done to guarantee and safeguard the spots on top of the pyramid and then consider how to remove yourself from such pyramid that stay up thanks to our energy/money submittance and how each brick of this system can self direct to remove themselves as a point of support of what exists, to recreate a system that works for All, become part of the solution, it's simple mathematics, 1+1, united, we can create the world we would like to leave behind.

Join us.

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