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Day 341: From Feudalism to Capitalism - With the Aid of The Common Law

By capturing a greater share of the wealth of England, the growing mercantile class also captured a greater influence over the law of England. A common law designed primarily to protect the rights of feudal land ownership was wholly inadequate to the needs of a class whose goal was the accumulation or profit through trade rather than the -the protection of hereditary lands. What was needed were laws that would protect capital and the rights to its accumulation, insure a steady flow of profitable trade goods, and control the problems posed by a growing class of mobile urbanized laborers and artisans, no longer bound to the land, whose livelihoods were dependent upon the vagaries of both national and international trade. By the middle of the fifteenth century the English nobility, and even the crown, was firmly in debt to the mercantile class, and laws that would meet the needs of the powerful mercantile class began to emerge. 
As capital became more central, it increasingly enjoyed state protection in the form of criminal laws designed to punish those who interfered with what had come to be acceptable -forms of capital accumulation.
In sum, during the 300 years preceding the establishment of English colonies in North America, three important innovations were introduced into English law and English legal thought. 
First, law became an important ally of those seeking to maximize profit through capitalist market relations by defining many acts that disrupted the predictability of market relations as crimes, that is, as harms against the state, rather than as civil violations of contracts between individuals
Second, criminal law came to be seen as an appropriate tool for insuring an adequate supply of cheap labor, first for the agrarian economy and later for the developing industrial-mercantile economy of early capitalist England.  
Third, and perhaps most importantly for contemporary criminal law, members of the laboring class who turned to theft, violence, idleness, or other forms of deviance as an adaptation to the brutal conditions of their lives were defined as criminals. In so doing the English State absolved the emerging capitalists who profited greatly from the brutal conditions of working class life of all responsibility for the consequences of these conditions.


And here is our in-your-face-truth, the system has always understood that the conditions of the working class are Brutal, The Law is the Military Arm of the System which is not meant to work for All, but just for some.

Some time ago I wrote a provocative article on Slavery asking  'Why did we abolish Slavery, again?', implying that it was a very efficient system for those that wanted to squeeze the Life out of some so they could make the best lives for themselves.
Someone replied that slavery was ineffective, the slave owners actually had to take care of their slaves, there were obligations in place, like food and shelter and, hear hear, medical care.

Cowperwood returns day after day to a primal scene of the lobster slowly dissecting the quicker but cornered squid, snatching a clawful of flesh whenever the squid drops its guard. Transfixed by this developing drama and its inexorable resolution, Cowperwood is both shocked and exhilarated, transformed into a proto-tycoon: “The incident . . . answered in a rough way that riddle which had been annoying him so much in the past: ‘How is life organized?’ Things lived on each other—that was it.” Theodore Dreiser’s 1912 novel The Financier

What we set up with Capitalism instead was far more effective, we found better ways to 'live on each other', our Slavery became Money and through Money and Debt most were enslaved to a make belief system of worthlessness, of less-ness and we made sure to write down our tradition and customs of Abuse, so we could keep them going, we legitimized them, more, we made them compulsory, abuse is now an organized compulsory trait of the world that we call Common Law.

What if we said Enough?
What if we woke up from our dream of less-ness to become Equal, to stand as Equals to Existence, standing as a point of self responsibility for ourselves and the rest of the world?
Can we even contemplate that?

If we can't is because we are brainwashed, we have been brainwashed into Inequality, everything that exists stands as a remnder that We are Not Equals, The Churches, The Palaces, the Pyramids, anything we praise and look up to is just another link in the chains that keep us bound to our less-ness.

Can we consider every other living being as having the same value that we want for ourselves, the same right to a Dignified Life, the same worth, what if we could?

That would be the moment when we Right our Wrongs, then we'll have the Right to Life back, as we give it to others, as we make sure no child goes hungry, no parent goes worried, no one is homeless or forced to live a life we are not willing to live.

It's either Heaven for All or Hell for All, because we can only live and be what we are willing to give to others, and unless we make sure that All have enough, we'll never have enough, Money will never take away the underlining sense that there is something terribly wrong with this world, and there is, it's US, We have for-gotten instead of for-given, we have for-gotten everything we could, because we believe there is no Law regulating our behavior, we con-fused ourselves with The Law, the One that Some Have Designed and then Wrote down to keep us in a Place that Works for Them, we entertained ourselves with the idea of being 'legit' just because we didn't break the 'code', ironic isn't it?
What if the Code we wrote down and defined as Law is Not Aligned with the Law of the Universe that regulates All Things, what if there was One Law, the one that Jesus told everyone, the One that Jesus lived, to Give As You Would Like to Receive.
Are we excused just because some are not living their for-giveness? Will they be for-gotten then, shouldn't they all be forgotten, shoudn't we all be forgotten if we have not lived for-giving, for-give-ness?

Review Your Judiciary System, there is no Right or Wrong, no Religion, no one more valuable than you, there is Only What is Best for All - The Law is just a testimony to our centuries of Abuse, it will be realigned to the Law of For-Giving and there is a lot of for-giving to do, just look around. It's Time.

Join us, the right to Life starts with a Living Income Guaranteed, because if Life is Not a Right for All, it will never be Right for You.

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