Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 343: Abu Ghraib and The Macchiavellian use of Press

Apparently 1500 people walked out of the detention facilities over a fortnight, I specifically use the verb 'walking out' vs the one used by the press, which is 'broke out' because it's impossible that 1500 people escape all at the same time,  unless someone opens the door for them to go. And of course we are not given to know the reasons, they may have been released due to the Ramadan, or because holding them without a trial had done its time and some believed they should go free, whatever the 'hidden' reasons for this 'prison takeover', someone is milking this story.

We are being served a traditional Macchiavellian Plot, the famous Problem - Solution - Reward, unfortunately not what we should create to include All living beings in the Equation, is just one of the ruling class plots, where a problem is created so the Mass of Sheeples we have become can ask for The Solution that someone has already designed and wants implemented without resistance. It will be interesting therefore to see what comes out of this, please stay tuned into the news, who knows that this may become your chance to wake up to the amazing deception of this world.

No matter how long has this been going on we still seem unable to see through what we are been given daily to amp up our fears, this is how we are kept in place, we are basically way too ignorant and apathetic  for our own good and our ignorance is what separates us from finding Real Solutions to the problems of this World. We live as bystanders, treat this planet as a waiting room while we queue up to die, what have we become?

This Abu Ghraib news is far reaching, it will hit those that are just too 'out of the Know' to be aware of what this represents by telling them 'that a major outbreak of dangerous, vengeful criminal has taken place in the Middle East and hence we ALL have to be on the Alert, we must FEAR what is going to come (which we'll tell you in a few days, once your Fear has reached the Level we expect from You)'. 
It targets as well those who have done some research and remember that the Abu Ghraib prison is still at the centre of a huge controversy about Human Rights, about torture, rapes and appalling living conditions for 'possible criminals who have not been proven to be criminals through a regular Trial' and how countries who have outlawed torture as a systems of 'gathering information', just to name two the USA and the UK, have taken advantage of facilities that they run remotely in foreign lands, to do as they please, pretending they are no,t because they get Locals to run those facilities on their behalf, just like Foxxcon in China that works exclusively for Apple but is run by the Chinese hence exempting Apple from questioning or even having to face the allegations of extensive breeches of Human Rights that drive people to suicide.

What should send shivers up our spines is then not the outbreak, it's not the implication that we now have 1500 dangerous, poisoned, vengeful criminals on the loose, as the press implies, but is how we have allowed such systems to even exist in the name of our alleged safety, it's how is it possible that what we can't conceive at home and we have made illegal, has become perfectly fine on foreign land, far from the eyes far from the heart?

So, use the Abu Ghraib Prison News to start your research into the Horrors of this world, use your common sense to see through the news so that you are not just shaken and stirred at will, without seeing the bigger picture of what is going on and then educate yourself, because Political Plots such as this are quite transparent if you understand that those in power are just using the same ways again and again to Manufacture Consent -because it works, because FEAR will make us accept the unacceptable in the name of a Safety that is in truth only threatened by ourselves, as we can't see the simple solution of creating a WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL, while we support a world that works for just some who don't give a flying fuck about you or the Life of billions of people.

If you care about changing this world into a Safe Place, we must see the obvious solution that would solve in a single swoop much of the grief of this world, we have to give to each other what we would like for ourselves, we have to stop looting and exploiting countries so that we can live a LifeStyle of our liking while some can't even have a Life and we have to push ourselves to see this world for what it has become and that includes our nature, where our self interest has created systems of Inequality and Abuse and so as we created havoc in the world, we the Creators, can create peace, we can stop the Fear, we can stop doing to others what we don't want done to us and return ourselves and the world with us into a for-giving place, and as we start our for-giving, what about making sure everyone has got a Life to start with, wouldn't that be a gazillion steps ahead from where we are now?

Then we'll see what kind of Humanity can be born into a world of support vs a cut throat world of survival and Fears.

Stand for the Life of All, for-Give Life to All and in the process, Get YourSelf to Life.

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  1. now we here that the US has closed some embassies and has given out a warning for possible terrorist atracks....
    Really cool writing again, thanks, a wake up call!