Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 394: The Normalization of Spite and Malice

I have now listened to the last two interviews about Spite because I want the whole context as I prepare to write to unravel this point.

As it was spelt out quite rightly in the interviews, most of us have gone beyond the phase to be obviously spiteful compared to our teenage years, this should come as a relief - or a worry, depending on how we look at it.

In my experience I still experience Spite internally, less  now with my mother than I used to, more in my personal relationship and occasionally, when given the chance, just about with anybody.

Why I see that it should 'worry' me more or in better words, give me more reasons to ponder about this point, is that I have considered myself a 'grown up' for not being openly spiteful anymore, instead of seeing I have just gone underground with it and justified it as 'not harming anyone' and basically 'my right', others should be lucky to have met me in the post openly spiteful phase plus, in this world, we can  take a breath of Relief since Spite has just become Normal - some of the articles linked at the bottom can prove it.

I have in my own way 'normalized' Spite, I know because I heard my mother 2 days ago saying just that after she put  down one of her ex friends calling her 'a pathetic shrunk up raisin who has no joy in her life', and then she added, at least I am honest about what I think plus it's normal to have those kinds of thoughts when you have issues with someone, at which point an alarm bell went off.

I could almost immediately recognize this pattern within myself without resistance, including the delusion of being honest for speaking my mind, boy have I done damages with that, when in fact the speaking or writing our minds out, given the content of them nowadays, should be a personal process and should be followed by a commitment to correction or, not shared at all in the clear understanding that we don't need anymore ranting and raving in a world of ranting and raving with no solutions, we need solutions, we need to bring points to a place where there is equally no more harm done to ourselves and others.

Plus, if this 'hint' was not enough to see I have to take on this point about which I had quite a realization when I listened to the interview, I can always watch my World Screen, the High Definition place where I project what I have to correct within me and SPITE is high on the list these days.

Want a confirmation: Putin ousted from the G8, the big dicks club of the World according to their economical weight on the playfield but I will be telling more on my Economics and Social Issues Blog in my next post.

When I believe that Spite is my Birthright just because everyone does it, there is something wrong with me and with this world equally, the fact that we externalized the internal workings of our minds on screens in Hollywood through the Ally Mc Beal series, to name just one,  in which everyone could recognize themselves and take a sight of relief that we finally outed the cat from the bag and shared that we are in no way equalized inside and out and are, to say the least and until we correct ourselves, very untrustworthy human beings, should be a point of concern and not a point of relief, unless we intended to normalize what we are up to in our secret minds and make it OK, versus working to change it once and for all.

It doesn't matter that no one knows what is going on inside of me, that it is secret, the same right to secrecy we advocate in the outside world because more often than not we are involved in things that if they should be know, would bring the carefully crafted house of cards of our 'good loooking' personalities come crashing down, there is no place we can hide ourselves from ourselves.

So, in my next posts I will open up SPITE as a construct and its relationship for me that I could hear clearly in the interviews and that starts with some emotional reaction for which I have not taken responsibility which leads to rage that I then blame on someone and make them guilty for and then how, in spite, I go on a commentary in my secret mind,  about what I can do to show them/make them feel the same way, belittle, ostracize whatever it will take to even out the score I am the only one responsible for creating in the first place. Quite Insane to say the least.

So, for more on Spite and how to give it up for good, I will do some blogs applying self forgiveness on memories of constructs I have taken on and what I have done in the name of Spite, always ending up just spiting myself at the end.

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