Friday, November 25, 2016

Day 462: When in doubt - Apologize

I want to share something I have learned through trial and err to snap myself out of an energetic possession in a moment of conflict with someone.

I will bring up an example of a situation that went on with my mum a few days ago, I told someone I would give them the TV we had at home because I got a new smart TV with my phone contract for a small monthly fee.
This has to do with my 'Generous Character' something I will be taking on next because it's an Automated part of myself that I wish to release so I can live my Giving as a form of Self Expression and not as a Compulsion.

The TV I now have at home belongs to my mum, for some reasons, because it's now in my home, it felt like it was 'mine', so I could give it away if I wanted to, without asking if she minded.

When I told her she became very angry and told me that this was not Mine to Give, so I went through these emotions as a consequence of realizing that this was in fact true

I felt wrong/wronged 
I felt ashamed that I didn't consider the fact that it was not my TV to give away
I felt righteous because 'Giving is always a good thing'
I called my mother 'Selfish' because she already has 2 TVs at home and so 'Not Giving Willingly and Happily' this one - made her Selfish

That's when she almost blew a fuse.

That was the moment as well when I saw I had a choice, I could keep building up bullshit on why I was right (I tried the 'it's in my house so must be mine to give away if I want' - that's about where I drew the line) or I could stop on my track, take a deep breath, look at what I was doing, assess the way ahead to step out of this emotional possession - which I knew very well where it would lead - and in so doing stopping any undesirable consequence for myself and my mum.

I found that Apologizing in the midst of an energetic possession is like a Spell Breaker, because, the whole point of the bullshit build up is because I don't want to Apologize and Be Wrong about something, instead I found that what I resisted the most held a very important key for me to free myself.

Apologizing is like stepping onto a neutral plateau where I no longer feel the need or drive to create more crap to not apologize for something I have done that didn't consider all parts involved, in this case I didn't consider that my mum had a special attachment to this TV because she got it at a bargain price and put it in my grandma's home when that place became her own, I didn't consider that since it was hers, she could have decided to give it away to someone else, or not give it away at all- none of her reasons were for me to judge anyway but just to consider that this is where she stood at the moment with regards to that specific thing.

So sharing this very useful tool

when you see something escalating emotionally with someone, no matter what your good reasons are for taking a specific stand - start with the apology, it works wonders and you will be giving yourself the gift of integrity - as you no longer accept and allow your Mind (as your ideas, beliefs, past experiences, pre-programming) to decide who you are and who you want to be in any moment of your Life.

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